Thieves Cook Mutton And Rice In Victim's House Before Escaping With Valuables

Salena Harshini |Jul 20, 2020

These thieves had the time of their life with a meal of mutton, rice, and chapatis before fleeting from the victim's house with valuables.

A surprising turn of events had happened in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand when thieves broke into the house of a coronavirus patient and served themselves a feast of rice, chapatis and mutton before escaped with Rs 50,000 of jewelry and cash.

Thieves trespassed after breaking open the rear door

The incident happened in the Haludboni area, Jamshedpur under the administration of Parsudih police station on Thursday night. It was confirmed by the police on Thursday.

Thieves Cook Mutton
Thieves cook mutton before stealing things and fleeting from a house in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

A worker from the surveillance team of Jugsalai Nagar Parishad had been infected with COVID-19 and is under treatment at the city’s Tata Main Hospital. With sharp weapons, the thieves entered by breaking open the rear door of the patient’s sealed house, according to the police.

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Neighbors inform brother of the COVID-19 patient

As per a report of the Hindustan Times, the neighbors informed the house owner’s brother about the ruined rear door when he arrived there to check out the house on Friday. As a result, he filed a complaint to the police, stating,

“The thieves cooked mutton, rice, and chapatis and feasted in the house before fleeing.”

They literally gave themselves a feast while carrying out the stealing

The patient was confirmed to test positive for the virus on 8 July. The authorities have sealed his home and declared it with the neighboring areas as containment zone. As per the Covid-19 patient’s brother, the children and wife of the patient have been staying at the native village for the last one month.

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Police investigation underway

As quoted by Deputy Superintendent of Police, Alok Ranjan,

“Thieves stole Rs 50,000 cash and jewellery worth Rs 50,000 from the house of a Covid-19 patient undergoing treatment at Tata Main Hospital (TMH) here.” 

Thieves 1
Thieves cook mutton is quite an unusual case in the neighborhood, well, in the nation to be exact

He also added that the police guards have been assigned in the area and an investigation has been kick-started.

This is not the first time this kind of thing happened, surprising as it is. Watch this clip to see more:

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