Wife Vanished 10 Years After A Devastating Tsunami, Husband Doesn't Lose Hope, Keeps Searching For Her Every Day

Leela Adwani |Mar 16, 2021

He believes, “I’m always thinking that she may be somewhere nearby.”

It’s been one decade since a devastating tsunami took his wife away from a Japanese man named Yasuo Takamatsu. However, never losing his hope, the man has been searching for her for more than ten years.

Yasuo Takamatsu
Yasuo Takamatsu lost his wife in 2011

The last message

In 2011, Yasuo’s wife Yuko suddenly vanished after he received a strange but also last text message from her when the Fukushima tsunami was hitting their neighborhood.

“Are you ok? I want to go home,” the message read.

Yasuo Takamatsu 2
He is a bus driver.

Since then the husband has been searching for his wife. Stopping his seeking journey seems not to be in his plan.

His route

Yasuo started seeking his wife on land initially as he began at the bank where he saw his wife in the last time. He then continued searching for her along the beaches nearby their home.

Didn’t give up even in one day, he also looked for Yuko in mountains and forests. He didn’t spare any possible places where his wife is likely to be there.

After two years when Yasuo almost searched every corner on land, he started learning diving lessons at a local dive shop so he could find his wife in the sea.

The man takes the weekly dive to search for his wife.

The man has been in weekly dives and he keeps doing it for more than seven years now. Despite the constant and hard effort of Yasuo, the Japanese man still found no clue of his wife’s fate.

He believes,

“I’m always thinking that she may be somewhere nearby.”

This belief turns out to be his motivation to help him keep searching for Yuko for 10 years.

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