Tamil Nadul Man Livestream His Suicide On Facebook, See What Alcohol Can Do To Your Life!

Hanima Anand |Jul 24, 2020

A Tamil Nadu driver got drunk, called his father to take care of his son then live-streamed himself hanging from ceiling on Facebook.

The incident took place in the Tiruppur region of Tamil Nadu where a drunk driver came home and committed suicide in front of his social media friends. People couldn’t save him.

The driver named Ramkumar was reported to work for a private transport company in Tiruppur district. He was 37 years old and got a son with his wife, Suhasini.

Tamil Nadu Man Commit Suicide
The man was drunk and felt no longer interested in life.

Yesterday, he came home after getting drunk somewhere, called his father, and informed him of the suicide decision. Ramkumar asked his father to help take care of his only son. Then, the man turned on live streaming option on his Facebook and hung himself from the ceiling fan.

Seeing the shocking live video, Ramkumar’s friends called his wife to inform the incident. At that time, Suhasini was working in a knitwear unit in the neighborhood, and she might not get home timely. She then called the landlord who rushed to save the drunk driver.

Ramkumar was brought to the government hospital in the region where he was declared “brought dead.”

After the police came to his house, they found a suicide note in which he said no one should be blamed for his suicide. It’s just because he’s no longer interested in living this life.

Tamil Nadu Man Commit Suicide 2
Indian men are among the most addicted to alcohol in the world.

His wife Suhasini hasn’t talked about possible causes behind his extreme action yet, but given his drunk state while committing suicide, we can be sure that alcohol acted as a catalyst to his negative decision.

To protect your life and others around, please stay away from alcohol. Especially during this tough time, you need a sober head to go through difficulties with your beloved.

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