8 Must-Read Books On Mahatma Gandhi On His Birth Anniversary

Mishka Saisha |Oct 02, 2020

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has inspired the world by his lead role in the non-violent independence campaign for India. For those who admire him, here are 8 books about Gandhi that you can read in your free time.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi undeniably holds a place in the history of India. He has inspired the world by his lead role in a non-violent independence campaign for India. For whom who admires him, here are eight books on Mahatma Gandhi that you should read on the day of his151th  birth anniversary.

Books On Mahatma Gandhi
No matter how many books are published, we can never fully know his life.

1. The Story Of My Experiments With Truth - Mahatma Gandhi

The autobiography of Gandhi gives us all the interpretations and studies his own perspective. The book compiles weekly installments written by him between 1925-1929. If you are really into the early life, ideologies, and mistakes of him, here is a truly interesting source you must read.

The Story Of My Experiments With Truth
You can easily order this Gandhi autobiography on Amazon.

2. Gandhi Before India - Ramachandra Guha

This is a good source from historian Ramachandra Guha that tells about Mahatma Gandhi’s childhood and youth. Guta used the private papers of Gandhi’s contemporaries and colleagues as well as newspaper and court documents at that time as reliable references so the stories of shaping the philosophy of Gandhi are interestingly described.

Gandhi Before India
Gandhi before India unveils early parts of his life that not many have heard of.

3. My Dear Bapu - Letters from C. Rajagopalachari To The Gandhis

The book compiles the exchange letters between Gandhi and Chakravarti Rajagopalachari, who had an invaluable contribution to freedom in India. Their dialogues in the book will bring you an insight into their lives in a casual but unique way. Also, it's among the most reader-friendly books on Mahatma Gandhi that one can easily absorb.

My Dear Bapu
A collection of letters from his friend to Gandhi and his family members.

4. The Good Boatman - Rajmohan Gandhi

The thing that makes this book on Mahatma Gandhi special is it was written by his own grandson. It is the look of Rajmohan into his grandfather’s philosophy but in a simplified way with a simplified archetype. If you are looking for a book with not much-complicated words, this book is a choice.

The Good Boatman - A portrait of Gandhi
The book is a simple reflection of his grandson on Gandhi's personalities and philosophies.

5. Gandhi: Prisoner of Hope - Judith M. Brown

Brown is a British historian, but she was born in India and has a deep interest in Indian politics. And this book of her gives you an insight into the private life and the way Gandhi believed and shaped the philosophy. Brown's project is highly recommended among books on Mahatma Gandhi that provides a fair biography of the legend.

Gandhi Prisoner Of Hope
Gandhi: Prisoner of Hope is an original insight into Gandhi's life of a foreign researcher.

6. The Death and Afterlife of Mahatma Gandhi - Makarand R Paranjape

As mentioned in the title, the book is about the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi and relevant implications, especially the last six months of our old father. In another world, the book informs us of a deep meaning behind Gandhi’s death with an interesting storytelling voice.

The Death And Afterlife Of Mahatma Gandhi
Death not gone, The Father of Nation is always staying with us.

7. Why I Assassinated Mahatma Gandhi - Gopal Godse

This book is not for those who are angry with the crime of Nathuram since it was written by the killer’s brother, Gopal Godse. The book tells all the stories happening during and after the assassination. Even the content of this book on Mahatma Gandhi death is controversial, it’s not that bad to know what provoked such an act.

Why I assassinated Gandhi
Controversial but this book is still one of the most-read about Gandhi.

8. I am Gandhi - Brad Meltzer

This is a choice for parents who want to bring children to Gandhi’s stories. Simple words, animated coloured images with qualified contents are all targeted towards those beginning to read and keep their maturity in mind.

I am Gandhi
I am Gandhi is among the rare academic works on Mahatma Gandhi for children.

Above is the list of recommended books on Mahatma Gandhi that feature different phases in his life, from his childhood to his final days. With this list, we hope to bring you a multidimensional perspective of the life of this Indian hero, from which we feel more grateful for what we have today.

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