Sweden Prince Carl Phillip And His Controversial Royal Wedding: When An Adult Model Become The Royal Princess

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 09, 2020

While Sweden Prince Carl Philip is known as the most handsome Prince, his wife Sofia came into the limelight as the scandalous Royal ever and was compared to his ex, the beautiful publicist Emma Pernald. Scroll down for the full story.

Being well-known as one of the sexiest royals ever, the Sweden Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Varmland also came into the limelight for his controversial love life. After ending the 10-year relationship with a beautiful and smart publicist Emma Pernald, he walked the aisle with Sofia Hellqvist who used to work as an adult model. The pair is also known as Sweden's dapper answer to Prince Harry and Megan. Scroll down for the full story.

A 10-year-relationship came to an end

The chemistry between prince Philip and his ex-girlfriend sparked when they were around 20. In fact, they appeared to be a matching couple who gained the nation’s hearts for their appearance and talents. They got to know each other via some common friends on a trip to the Swedish Royal estate in Oland island in 1999. However, it was not until 2001 that they made their relationship official. The pair even move in together in 2002 and a wedding was only a matter of time.  

Sweden Prince Carl Philip And Emma
Sweden Prince Carl Philip and his ex-girlfriend Emma Pernald

With her glam and grace, Emma won the hearts of the whole Royal family including two of Philip’s sisters, Princess Madeleine and Princess Victoria. She was even invited to the 60th birthday anniversary of King Charles Gustav in 2006. They were the true lovey-dovey who stepped out together on several occasions, talked about each other with many loves and affections. 

However, it was in 2008 that Emma took the world by storm by announcing to the Expressen that she and Prince Philip split away. As she denied to give any details about the reason, everyone died of curiosity about what put their 10-year-relationship to an end. 

Their break up saddened the whole Royal family, especially prince Victoria and prince Madeleine. They tried their best to save the relationship but their efforts fell into the crack as Philip and Emma can never get together again.

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Sweden Prince Carl Philip And Emma Ex Girlfriend
The pair parted away in 2008 after being in the relationship for 10 years

The Sweden version of Prince Harry and Meghan

A couple of years after breaking up with Emma, Prince Philip was destined to meet the true love of his life - the beautiful and sexy model Sofia Hellqvist. They came into each other at dinner. At the moment Phillip met her, he said that he knew the magic of love, which he had never experienced in the 10-year relationship with Emma.

However, the pair faced a huge wave of protest in the country when making their relationship official. It was not because the shadow of Emma was too big to overcome but also Sofia’s controversy profile. Despite being a well-educated woman who studied accounting in New York, Emma actually gained her popularity as an adult model who works for a men's magazine. She is also well known for a role in the reality TV series Paradise Hotel.

Pay Sofia Hellqvist
Before becoming the Royal Princess, Sofia worked as a 'glamour model' for a man magazine
Sweden Prince Carl Philip And Princess Sofia 3
While Philip is known as a handsome and sexy Prince, Sofia came into the limelight as the scandalous Royal ever

On the other hand, Philip revealed that his family supported their relationship. They were opened about it which made Sofia feel confident about her works. The pair officially tied the knot on June 27, 2014, in a lavish royal wedding. On his wedding, Philip claimed that he felt 'confident and proud' to have Sofie by his side. 'We are a team, a good team,' said the Prince. 

Sweden Prince Carl Philip And Princess Sofia Weddi
Sweden Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia in their royal wedding in 2014
Sweden Prince Carl Philip And Princess Sofia Weddi
Philip was so proud of having her as his wife

A blessing from his ex

The pair even got the blessing from Philip's ex-girlfriend Emma Pernald. '"I felt love in the 10 years that we shared together,"  she told a local agency when hearing about what Philip talked about his wife Sofie. She stressed out that it was not the feeling of bitterness and congratulated them sincerely. 

Sweden Prince Carl Philip And Princess Sofia
Prince Philip, Princess Sofia and their sons Prince Alexander and Gabriela

At the moment, Philip and Sofie became the parents of two, prince Alexander and prince Grabielar, meanwhile, Emma is also got married and living her happy life with her own family. There were a lot of ups and downs, joys and sadness happened to them during the decades-long story.

In the end, all of them have found their own happiness. The love story of Sweden Prince Carl Philip has proved that the length of a relationship cannot tell if it is a successful one or not but meeting the right person at the right time is the matter that counts.

Check out footage of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia wedding ceremony in 2015:

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