"A Perfect Husband Wears Matching Outfits With His Wife" - Proved By Prince Harry, And More!

Salena Harshini |Mar 10, 2020

Take a look at the times royal family members and world leaders give examples of a perfect couple with their matching outfits!

Better together is how couples work. But would it be any more perfect if these pairs not only ace their respective career but also their wardrobe choices? Looking good is a big plus in a relationship and it multiples when they wear matching outfits.

The way we dress sometimes dictates how our relationship works, just like how we try to look and smell fantastic to grab the attention of who we admire.

From the royals to famous world leaders, they prove that nothing snaps like a husband wearing matching outfits with their wives.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan  

Apart from their constant forthright support, love declaration for one another and sweet PDA moments, the Duchess and Duke of Sussex have managed to underscore their connection in subtle kinds of way. The latest one? Their sartorial choices.

At the recent Commonwealth Day engagement at Westminster Abbey, lynx-eyed fans spotted that the jacket of Prince Harry was lined in just the same brilliant and eye-catching emerald green shade as that of Meghan Markle’s flawless cape dress.

Meghan Matching outfits
Duke and Duchess of Sussex in matching green shades at Commonwealth Day engagement

In fact, the couple has donned hued-coordinated attires at the other three of their final joint engagements. Earlier on March 5th, Meghan and Harry arrived at London’s Endeavour Fund Awards in reciprocal shades of blue. While Meghan put on a bright and form-fitting Victoria Beckham midi dress, Harry was wearing a dark blue suit with a blue-shaded tie.

Harry Matching outfits
Magical shades of blue under the rain at the Endeavour Fund Awards 2020

And then, they can be seen stunning in complimentary red outfits at Mountbatten Festival of Music held at Royal Albert Hall. Harry’s uniform and Meghan’s red cape gown have the same eye-popping red color. They are showing up with one voice in their last appearances as the royal’s working senior members.

Red Matching outfits
Catching glances with red at the Mountbatten Festival of Music

Prince William and Duchess Catherine 

Another royal couple who sets goals for matching outfit is Prince William and Kate Middleton. While we love every time Kate Middleton impresses with her polished style, it is lovely to see Prince William going extra miles to coordinate with his wife.

Also at the Commonwealth Day yesterday, William and Kate donned matching maroon ensembles. While Kate wore a red Catherine Walker coat with a matching hat, Prince Harry can be seen donning a same-hued tie.

Kate And Will Matching outfits
Kate Middleton and William wore matching items at the recent engagement

This is not their first twinning moment. Take a look at other times their declaration of love is shown through their matching outfits.

Kate Will Matching outfits
They look young and in love in the traditional university outfits

They were so in love since their first days. They looked alike on their graduation day from St. Andrew's University in 2005 and following the university’s tradition, the two wore white shirts with black trousers. It was their very first public twinning moment, starting a series after.

William Matching outfits
They were not at the same place...
Kate1 Matching outfits
... but their matching outfits said it all

At another time, on her visit to London Stadium for an event of SportsAid, the Duchess of Cambridge sported a green top paired with a navy jumper. She and her husband did not appear together that day as Prince William was attending the Beacon Project in Mansfield. However, they still made an indirect statement as he also wore the green top and a navy suit. Sweet and great minds!

These are the other occasions they pulled off the twinning!

Kate William Matching outfits

Kate Matching outfits

Orange Matching outfits

Kate2 Matching outfits
Seems that there is no color that they can't pull off

Barack Obama and Michele Obama

This is truly iconic. Barack Obama, former president of the United States, and his wife Michelle Obama stand testimony to a power couple.

They both have political influence and power. And not just that, how they take care of the other like the way they look in the public’s eyes is more than anything a PR agency can handle.

Obama1 Matching outfits
Matching outfits and matching expressions!
Obama Matching outfits
They look perfect with each other

Obama2 Matching outfits

Obama3 Matching outfits
Matching outfits makes perfect

It is certain that their ensembles are designer outfits planned by stylists. Simplified living or expensive, that still mounts up to how they confidently complement one another by bringing themselves.

Message received, loud and clear.

And we have to say, there is really nothing snaps more than a couple wearing matching outfits!


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