Things You Don’t Know About Sundar Pichai Family, Love Story & Education

Hanima Anand |Jul 27, 2020

The current Google CEO, Sundar Pichai was born and studied engineering in India. However, he was more known for what he has done in the US. Below are surprising facts about Sundar Pichai family and his life story!

Hardly is there anyone using the Internet without knowing Google, one of the Big Four companies in the technology field. However, not many people are aware that Sundar Pichai, a son of India, is the current CEO of this American multinational firm. Even fewer know the story of his becoming as well as facts behind Sundar Pichai family, who play a crucial role in his success.

Sundar Pichai Family 0
Sundar Pichai is among the most powerful tech CEOs in the world.

Today, let tell you the life story and people behind this genius man. If you happen to know a young Indian boy who dreams to become a technology entrepreneur, please share this with him as well.

Sundar Pichai education & family in childhood

While getting to know Sundar Pichai family members, take a look at his growing from a normal Indian child to the highest rank at Google.

Sundar Pichai, full name as Pichai Sundararajan, was born on June 10 in 1972 in Madurai India. Unlike what many people may think, Pichai wasn’t born with a silver spoon. He was raised in a middle-class Tamil family.

Sundar Pichai Family 1
Sundar Pichai was born in a Tamil Nadu family but raised in Hindu style.

Sundar Pichai father named Regunatha Pichai was working as an electrical engineer for a British company. However, he also had a small plant of his own that produced electrical components.

Sundar Pichai mother used to work as a stenographer before she gave birth to Sundar Pichai and his younger brother. They resided in a two-room apartment in Ashok Nagar in Chennai while Pichai was brought up in the Hindu lifestyle.

Sundar Pichai family at that time was not rich. To be specific, to buy Pichai a scooter, his father had to save the budget for three years though he had done two jobs at once. The only thing that might give Sundar Pichai an advantage over his friends at the same age was the early exposure to electrical components from his father’s business.

Sundar Pichai Family 6
A rare photo of Sundar Pichai family in the old days.

Sundar Pichai studied primary and secondary schools in Ashok Nagar, Chennai before finishing his 12th grade at Vana Vani School in the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. He then graduated in metallurgical engineering with excellent transcripts at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.

Since his childhood, Sundar Pichai had shown a special fond of technology. He really valued technological devices which could save people from various tasks. He once shared that when his mother was sick, he had to travel very far to collect reports for her then waited several hours at the center. This was truly frustrating when it was unnecessarily time-consuming. But later, Sundar Pichai family decided to buy a rotary telephone and he treasured it from the very first moment he used.

Or another time when they got a refrigerator. He could see the drastic changes it brought to his mom’s life. Thanks to these incidents, he realized the miraculous influences from technology and urged himself to accelerate the hi-tech development process.

Of course, only passion couldn’t make him Sundar Pichai of today. Besides the catalyst from Sundar Pichai family in the old days, he also owned an amazing memory. He could remember many phone numbers as well as showcase excellent academic performance at college.

Sundar Pichai Family 2
Sundar Pichai met his wife at ITT before studying abroad.

After his graduation in Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur (IIT), Sundar Pichai won a scholarship to study in Stanford University in the US. This was when he entered a new chapter of his life.

At Stanford, Pichai studied materials science and semiconductor physics. He planned to continue his Ph.D here but later quit. He opted to pursue an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Sundar Pichai Family 8
Sundar Pichai while studying at Stanford University in the US.

Sundar Pichai wife

Besides the Sundar Pichai family in childhood, his new family is important in his success as well. Sundar Pichai wife is Anjali Pichai. She was his classmate at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur and worked as a chemical engineer after graduation.

Initially, when they first met, Sundar and Anjali just considered each other a good friend. They enjoyed their friendship and appreciated the other’s companionship. However, they couldn’t hold their feelings forever as in their final year, Sundar Pichai proposed to Anjali. She said yes and their love has stood the test of time through the decades.

Sundar Pichai Family 3
Sundar Pichai and Anjali's love story is truly inspiring.

Recalling the day he called her to propose without smartphones, he said that wasn’t a pleasant experience as he had to walk in the front of the girl’s hostel and requested another to call her. Their friends smelled something and they said very loudly: “Anjali, Sundar is here!”

However, the couple had to endure 6 months without talking to each other when Sundar Pichai first arrived in the US for study. That couldn’t stop them getting closer though.

When he got a secure job, Sundar Pichai family asked for Anjali parents’ permission. The two got married and moved to the US for permanent residence.

Sundar Pichai Family 5
Sundar Pichai and his wife at the wedding of Mukesh Ambani's son.

Reports said that when Sundar Pichai was contacted by Twitter, Yahoo and then Microsoft and even offered the job as CEO, it’s Sundar Pichai wife Anjali that advised him against it. Thanks to her, now we have Sundar Pichai CEO of Google, the biggest company in the world.

But who knows, if Sundar Pichai left Google to work for one of those companies, that firm would be upgraded to a new level as what he has done for Google?

Sundar Pichai children

Sundar Pichai family is an ideal home for every person. He has two children with his wife, a girl and a boy.

Sundar Pichai daughter is named Kaya Pichai while his son is Kiran Pichai. The current Sundar Pichai family are living a low-profile life in Los Altos Hills.

Sundar Pichai Family 7
Sundar and Anjali hardly post photos of their children on social media.

Sundar Pichai net worth

Besides Sundar Pichai family, his wealth also causes much curiosity. What made himself or Sundar Pichai net worth a worth-discussing topic is his position at Google. Since he was appointed the CEO of the tech giant, Sundar Pichai salary has become a popular search on the Internet.

Sundar Pichai net worth in 2020 is estimated at $600 million, equivalent to 4,442 crore Indian rupees.

Sundar Pichai Family 4
Sundar Pichai in a visit to India, standing with Tamil Nadu community.

Sundar Pichai's salary per year was around $650,000 before he was promoted to the CEO position. At the moment, the salary of Sundar Pichai Google CEO is $2 million annually not mentioning his stock value.

All in all, Sundar Pichai family plays the crucial role in shaping his personality as well as his success. Had it not been for the education of his parents or the support of his wife, we might not be able to see a Google CEO Sundar Pichai as today.

Should you have anything to add in this post about Sundar Pichai, please feel free to post it in our comment section. Visit our Trending Worldwide category for more global updates!

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