Drive-Thru Strip Clubs Will Strip Away Your Worries Of Contracting Coronavirus

Chandran |May 07, 2020

Not letting the coronavirus affect him and his employees, strip club-owner Shon Bouden has thought of an innovative way to attract customers while complying with safety codes.

Oregon’s Lucky Devil Lounge's latest idea can keep this sexy industry running even during the coronavirus outbreak with its new innovative approach to access customers. During this pandemic, only businesses that are “essential” can remain open in the U.S. Strip clubs definitely don’t qualify for this group, thus Shon Bouden, who owns two of such establishments, should not be at work these days. However, thanks to his innovative idea, his employees and himself are not losing income even during this difficult time.

Closed Due To Coronavirus 1210927286 1258x838
Non-essential businesses must close due to the pandemic

The media goes wild on the news of drive-thru strip clubs and news outlets are gathering outside of his clubs in hoards. They reach out to him to interview him on the drive-thru version of his club, named ‘Drive-Thru Food 2 Go-Go”. It is the modified version of his club – Lucky Devil Lounge, which had its opening ceremony not long ago. His business gathered attention way back in March when as an effort to stay open, they shifted away from being strip clubs and towards operating as a no sit-in, food-and-beverage delivery establishments. The type of business being altered was followed by a complete change in the jobs and tasks of his staff, too. In order to function as an F&B establishment, his strippers are now deliverers, and his security staff now work as drivers.

Coronavirus Strip Club
Strippers now work as deliverers.

The business sailed smoothly in the beginning until it received a warning from UberEats. This is because Shon gave his restaurants a name that sounded similar to the popular food-ordering platform – “Boober Eats”. However, this did not deter Shon one bit. Hit with hardship from Uber and the coronavirus, he came up with a revolutionized way to maintain the customer flow. He revealed:

“Since food delivery started we’ve had a lot of local businesses showing us support and wanting to collaborate,”

Shon later went on:

‘We’re out of business, we’re not doing anything-They offered to build us a huge tent, two stages, a DJ booth, a couple of stripper poles with lights, lasers, fog machines and were like, we’ll just see how it goes.”

Corona Tanzarnia 5
Uber threatened to sue "Boober Eats" due to naming similarity.

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The way his new system works is not all that complex. First, customers must pay $30 to enter the tent and can start ordering anything they’d like. As soon as they have entered the tent, the show begins with masked dancing doing erotic dances with a pole. They’d enjoy the show at the duration of 1 or 2 songs before their food is ready and so are the girls for their next car. The tipping system is still active by having tips bucket inside. Lastly, the dancers collect their tips using a tool that would normally serve as a trash-collector to avoid contraction of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus Strip Club 4
Customers can now enjoy the show while sitting in their car.

“We had a nonstop line of cars wrapped around our parking lot Saturday night”. Also according to him, his unique establishments are benefitting Portland’s tourist industry, too. This has made possible by out-of-town tourists flocking to the city to see for themself this so-called sexy drive-thru. Bouden’s employees are extra-gratuitous towards him, as he has found a way to save them from unemployment. However, it is not just the money aspect that they're thankful for. These dancers actually miss their job that they normally would have been absent from due to the coronavirus. Brodie, one of the girls, excitedly said:

“It feels amazing. It’s still not enough, but it feels so good to move,” she said. “I woke up the next day and was actually sore ― it had been so long [since I last danced]. I just need this right now.”

Want more interesting stories about the pandemic like this rather than the usual upsetting ones about death-tolls and lockdown? Check us out regularly at Starbiz, then! Stay home and stay updated!! Here's a clip of this strip club in case you wanna see more:

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