Heart-Melting Moment When Stray Cat Took All Babies To Visit The Woman Who Fed Her

Hanima Anand |Nov 18, 2020

The stray cat gave birth to five healthy babies after being fed by a girl named Lisianne. It then brought all babies to visit the kind-hearted Samaritan.

The heart-touching story took place in Canada and was shared on Facebook by a local rescue group called Chatons Orphelins Montreal. A girl named Lisianne from Quebec noticed a stray cat playing in her garden, so she gave it some food.

Within a few days, the cat became very attached to Lisianne and often returned to her garden for food. Lisianne decided to call the stray cat Usagi.

Stray Cat Visit Woman 1
The mother cat waited for its Samaritan on the porch with all its six babies.

As she saw it getting bigger and bigger, she thought she overfed the feline without knowing about its pregnancy. After that, Usagi disappeared for a few days. Lisianne was worried there’s something bad that happened to Usagi and it’s difficult to find it back.

It turned out Usagi gave birth to five babies during that time. It even took all the newborns and another baby it gave birth before to Lisiane’s house to say hello. Lisianne was pleasantly surprised after seeing the feline alive, and its babies as well.

Stray Cat Visit Woman 2
The newborns look almost the same with black hair as their mother.

At the time the good fairy found Usagi, it’s waiting on the porch of her house with all the babies. Lisianne then contacted a local animal care group for support. The mother cat and her kittens are being looked after by these volunteers.

Stray Cat Visit Woman 3
These fluffy felines are being looked after by a local animal care group.

The five newborn kittens look identical with all black fur. They are named Taylor, Tynie, Tyana, Tales, and Tito. Such a happy ending, right?

Stray Cat Visit Woman 4
Can you guess which one is Taylor, Tynie, Tyana, Tales, or Tito?

On another development, the dog which escaped getting crushed by a train in Faridabad in 2019 has been adopted by a family in the UK. Rocky, as it’s named, has been taken care of by the People for Animals within the last year.

After PFA shared a video of the miraculous recovery of Rocky on social media, a family in the UK has contacted the organization to adopt the canine. Rocky will be transferred to Wild at Heart Foundation in London and stay there for a while to get her health monitored before moving to her new home in the Cotswolds.

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