Scientists Cook Hot Dogs On Lava While Studying Volcanic Eruption In Iceland

Hanima Anand |Mar 24, 2021

A video that filmed a group of scientists cooking hot dogs on larva from the volcanic eruption in Iceland went viral. The surrounding scene looked breath-taking.

Recently, a volcano at Mount Fagradalsfjall in Iceland has erupted for the first time in 800 years. The eruption results in over 300,000 cubic meters of lava and scientists who are doing research here made use of the hardening part to prepare their meals.

Icelandic Eruption
The scene at the eruption looks out of this world.

Scientists cook hot dogs on lava

To be specific, a group of researchers has filmed themselves having lunch on the mountain. They place the bread on foil paper and put it on the hardening lava. Then, they cook hot dogs directly on the lava which can be seen burning inside.

Scientists Cook Hot Dogs On Lava
It might look like cold rock but the lava is so hot that it can burn our skin.

Within some seconds, the hot dogs are ready to serve. Everyone in the group seems to be excited about this cooking method as it needs no equipment.

Having said that, people are not recommended to mimic this way because the temperature of lava might burn your hand. All the researchers in the video are wearing their protective overalls.

Other than the fun video of cooking hot dogs on lava, the scientists also upload many videos of the surrounding scenes at the mountain.

Scientists At Icelandic Eruption
The spot has been closed for visitors; only scientists are allowed.

The panorama of the eruption is breath-taking with flows of orange fire which are glowing against the rock. Many visitors have come to see the once-in-a-blue-moon scenery but the authority closed the spot earlier this week due to safety reasons.

Lava At Icelandic Eruption
The orange flows are glowing against the black rock.

In fact, the Icelandic people are not strange to this though it is the first eruption of Fagradalsfjall. The country records about 50,000 earthquakes recently which raises concern over a massive change in the territory.

Unique cooking methods in extreme weather

In recent years, more extreme weather conditions are recorded across the world. In the US and Australia, there are times when the temperature outside reaches 120 degrees.

Many people tried to fry eggs on the street. For example, a man fried an egg on a manhole cover which was 162.5 degrees on its surface. It took around 10 minutes to complete the cooking.

Fry Egg On The Street
Many people tried to fry eggs on the sidewalk during scorching hot weather.

Meanwhile, a woman tried baking cookies inside her car in the US when the heat waves became unbearable for humans. She succeeded in baking some cookies with that method.

Bake Cookies In The Car
Yes, you can bake cookies inside your car.

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