Dog Learns Wears Protective Equipments To Help His Owner In The Lab

Salena Harshini |Mar 11, 2021

Sampson the service dog is a very good and smart boy who learns how to wear PPE so he can help his disabled neuroscientist mom.

Sampson the service dog is making the world swoon with his cuteness. The smart and good boy deserves the most treats in the world for learning a top useful trick in the now situation – how to wear PPE.

In fact, he does it to help his disabled neuroscientist mom.

Sampson The Service Dog
The good boy is also a smart boy.

Sampson working in the lab with his owner

Joey Ramp is a scientist who does laboratory work at the Illinois University. However, she said she would not be able to carry it out without an assistant’s aid. That is why Sampson the service dog became the first puppy ever granted access to the chemistry lab of the college.

For safety reasons, the golden retriever must wear protective gear like any other human.

Sampson The Service Dog 2
The golden retriever looks professional like any human in the lab.

As per PEOPLE, Joey Ramp used to be a horse trainer until a severe accident in 2006. After the horse-riding incident, Ramp broke 23 bones and had permanent nerve damage on the half left of the body. Moreover, she also had her prefrontal cortex.

Sampson The Service Dog 1
Joey Ramp and her dog Sampson looking cool in the lab.

Due to the injuries, she needs a service dog to help her with daily activities.

She also explains that Sampson is not just there when she drops something or needs aid while kneeling down to pick something up. He is also trained to spot her PTSD signs.

The good boy is an Internet phenomenon

Sharing with SWNS, she said,

"I couldn’t possibly navigate academics or a neuroscience program without his assistance. There’s more focus on the dog than the service they are providing, and they were barring an entire population of students from entering lab work and ultimately the STEM field.

Sampson The Service Dog 6
Sampson the service dog provides big help for his struggling mom.

I really want people to start understanding that service dogs have a very high level of training. They provide independence and keep their handler healthy, happy, and able to go about life in ways they wouldn't be able to do without their service dog.

People with disabilities do want to study science and to look at people with disabilities and service dog handlers with a view of making things more accessible to them is really important and it's time."

Sampson The Service Dog 4

According to what Joey shared on Facebook, apart from one and a half year of service dog training, Sampson also had 9 months of training for the lab.

As the owner exposed him to sirens, he would know how to react in an emergency. Meanwhile, Sampson the service dog also knows the way to respond to police officers, geared firefighters, and EMTs.

Sampson The Service Dog 3

Sampson The Service Dog 5
He deserves to play more catches and eats more treats than ever.

The updates on Sampson's pictures and activities won hearts from social media users. Thousands could not help swooning over his cuteness and smartness.

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