Meet Jubjib, The Golden Retriever Fluff That Is Famous For 7 Years Of Selling Durians

Salena Harshini |Feb 26, 2021

Every harvest, the farmers share photos of the adorable pup happily doing his job, dressed in his signature sun-shielding hats and scarves.

Jubjib, a Golden Retriever little friend, lives with his owner at a durian farm in Chanthaburi, Thailand. He has been viral ever since the owner posted slews of adorable photos of the durian dog on Facebook.

Many people want to be happy like he is and influencers may not even be as famous as him.

Jubjib The Golden Retriever
Meet Jubjob, the golden retriever boy that would make your day!

Meet Jubjib – the most adorable paw-paw friend

The durian dog has been an essential part of the family farm since 2014. He often goes to fetch the fruits with his owner. With the harvest annually, the boss will record the moments of the golden fluffball around the place when others are working.

Jubjib The Durian Boy 2014
He has been here ever since 2014.
Jubjib The Durian Boy 2015
Jubjib is always there with his people.

Durians are known for their foul smell which can make anyone startled. The spiky-skinned, exotic fruit is even compared to rotting flesh and raw sewage.

Jubjib The Durian Boy 2016
Every harvest season, the durian dog has a new outfit.
Jubjib The Durian Boy 2017
His smile just keeps getting brighter and brighter.

To the unknown, the pungent aroma leads to durians being banned from public places in Malaysia and Singapore.

Jubjib The Durian Boy 2018
Jubjib looks so cute in that hat. He looks just like a real durian seller.
Jubjib The Durian Boy 2019
With a floral hat? The fluffball is hardworking and fashionable, too!

In spite of all that, and the fact that dogs have an enhanced sense of smell, he seems not to bothered working by it almost every day. With each of their harvest season, his family would share snaps of Jubjib proudly sitting next to durian piles with a big smile on his face.

Jubjib The Durian Boy 2020
He is getting more viral as 7 years have passed by.

Moreover, Jubjib even often gets donned with the outfits like a real farmer.

Jubjib becomes the idol

He always shows a happy face and the biggest grin. For he always shows that excitement for work and the cute way he poses for the camera, Jubjin garners a huge amount of love from followers. One can immediately fall in love when seeing this fluffy boy (including us).

Doesn't Jubjib look like a real Internet influencer here with this massive hat?

The durian dog has helped the selling page of the owners collect thousands of likes. Many clicked the following button in order to update the funky pictures from the “durian boy”.

The cute doggo gradually becomes the representative face of the farm. His images are printed on the package and shown on advertisements for durian products.

Jubjib Durian
His face is also printed on the farmer's brand image.
Jubjib And Friends
He also has some of the furry friends to help him with work sometimes.

Undoubtedly, he looks incredibly adorable wearing scarves and hats that help shield him from the sunbeam. Sometimes, he also has some other furry friends to help him during hectic days.

After years of living on the farm, he becomes more and more bonded with the place. With his professional manner, people think that he could be the model for many pet food brands.

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