Sons Expelled From Catholic School As Mother Works As A Raunchy Online Model

Salena Harshini |Mar 04, 2021

Crystal Jackson, a California woman who posts sexy content online said her three sons have been kicked out of a Catholic school because of her activity.

Crystal Jackson, aka Tiffany Poindexter or OnlyFans’ Mrs. Poindexter, went viral for her saucy releases being a mother. For the unknown, the sensual content is taken by her own husband, Chris.

She said her OnlyFans page was set up as her way to feel more desirable after undergoing early menopause.

Crystal Jackson
The website is famous for its saucy content and Crystal Jackson is one of the contributor.

And her sons get expelled

After discovering her account, numerous parents made a complaint to Sacred Heart Parish, the Catholic School’s officials.

The principal said that they are no longer welcome at their elementary school. Moreover, they barred the family from picking up the belongings of their kids.

Crystal Jackson 2
Her sons are expelled from school as the outsiders do not accept her side profession.

In the obtained email, Theresa Sparks who is the school’s principal said,

“Your apparent quest for high profile controversy in support of your adult website is in direct conflict with what we hope to impart to our students.

We, therefore, require that you find another school for your children and have no further association with ours.”

However, Crystal Jackson said some fathers of other kids at school already know of her gig. She also reckons that some might be the secret subscribers to her page.

Crystal Jackson 4
Her husband is the one that records her steamy moments and posts them online.

Meanwhile, she said her sons are devastated and the children should not be punished for the decision of their parents.

‘We are incredibly shocked, upset, and unsettled. We received an email at 8 pm saying our kids were no longer welcome at the school and they should not return from Monday.

You’re taking these innocent children, and you’re punishing them for something you don’t agree with.

It is not the children's fault – what we do has nothing to do with them.”

Crystal Jackson 6
The lady might even have some kids' dads as secret admirers.

According to Dailymail, she said she will keep on posting on OnlyFans while seeking to enroll her boys in a new Catholic school that is less "judgmental."

Crystal Jackson gives away money as she is 'earning too much'

Some acquaintances even allegedly bullied her family over her OnlyFans success. Also, she is concerned her family would be blackballed from the entire Sacramento's diocese.

However, The Californian lady has entered the top 0.1% OnlyFans content creators. If you have not known, it is bringing around $110,000 each day thanks to her story’s publicity.

“Mrs. Poindexter” said she would begin giving her money away after earning much more than imagined.

Crystal Jackson 3
You can find 'Mrs. Poindexter' at @the.real.mrs.poindexter on Instagram.

She shared with Ladbible,

“It has blown up. I'm gonna donate some money, because I'm like, we don't need all this money, right? We're gonna have to find something to do with it.

I told my husband, I'm like, "I want to want to donate some money because of the fact that we didn't do this for the money, right?"

She rakes in over $150,000 each month, and it is absolutely mindblowing.

Crystal Jackson 7
Jackson's OnlyFans account soars through the roof since the news of her kids being kicked out of a Catholic school went viral.

When the page proved a massive hit, Jackson and her husband put more effort into the content for their followers.

Some of their income will go to charity. In the meantime, the mother of three said she bought a new car as a reward for herself. Also, she has taken the family members on their first-ever holiday.

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