The Bold Restaurant That Serves Meals In Toilet Bowls

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 23, 2021

In case any customers find their "toilet food" too disgusting, there will be a vomit bag ready for them all the time.

Located on a small island of Java, Indonesia, Jamban cafe is so popular not only for the locals but also ex-pats for serving food and drinks in a squat toilet. While it sounds like a joke, this business is racking up serious money from this bizarre idea. Take a look at how people react to this.

food in toilet
Food is stored in the toilet before being served to the customer

Being a famous country for international tourists, Indonesia has a lot of unique cafeterias. To make the business stand out from other popular coffee shops, the Jamban Cafe owner came up with an insane idea: to store food and drink in toilets. Food will be served in ordinary bowls and dishes while customers will seat on the surrounding upright toilets to enjoy their meal.

Right in the opening, this crazy idea went viral in no time and made headlines in not only local but also international news agencies. While many people find this idea interesting, many other doubts about hygiene and sanitation. They also added that even when all of the toilets are clean, they can never enjoy a meal in this situation.

food in toilet
Customer will sit on the upright toilets next to eat their meals

In fact, the Jamba owner is Budi Laksono, an acclaimed public health expert of the country. He revealed that all of their toilets used to serve food are all clean and brand new.

In addition to that, their project is also aimed to convey the hidden message about proper toilet use and sanitation in public.
There are a lot of customers who are curious about the idea and visit the cafe and try the food on the toilets. In case any of them find it too disgusting, there will be a vomit bag ready all the time.

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