3 Possible Reasons Why Hundreds of COVID-19 Patients Tested Positive After Recovery

Hanima Anand |Apr 16, 2020

An alarming fact is causing headache for experts worldwide is hundreds of Covid-19 patients are testing positive again, after they are declared recovered and discharged from hospitals. Check the possible reasons here!

Earlier this week, South Korea announced that 116 patients who had been reported to totally recover from Covid-19 are tested positive again after being discharged from hospitals. Similarly, many recovered patients in other countries report the same result.

This raises an alarming issue to scientists worldwide whether the novel coronavirus can adjust itself to fit into our genes to co-exist with its host. The World Health Organization is also investigating the case.

Covid 19 Tests
Many recovered patients in Korea and Europe tested positive again.

According to experts, there are many possible reasons which may lead to this phenomenon. Starbiz.com has collected all hypothesis here from global scientists for your reference.

Covid-19 might be reactivated after treatment

Mr. Jeong Eun-kyeong, the director of Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that these patients are suffering from a “reactivated coronavirus” after recovery. In other words, they are not re-infected but the virus which is already in their body has been reactivated after a short time.

As we all know, there hasn’t been any vaccine to the deadly virus. The only treatment we got is to cure the symptoms and support our body in fighting against the foreign agents. That’s why even when patients are recovered from health problems caused by coronavirus, a small amount of virus may still remain inside their bodies.

Coronavirus Treatment
All treatment protocols available are to cure the symptoms.

Patients are hastily discharged without accurate tests

Another theory put forward to reason for this incident is the possibility of erroneous testing and releasing patients.

Mr. Eun-kyeong said:

“While we are putting more weight on reactivation as the possible cause, we are conducting a comprehensive study on this. There have been many cases when a patient during treatment will test negative one day and positive another.”

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Covid-19 is evolving with 8 strains found

This is the most concerning theory when 8 strains of this novel coronavirus type have been found.

Coronavirus Spreading
Research shows that the virus is splitting itself into smaller subtypes.

Researchers say that this virus is migrating by splitting into new subtypes which is similar to the original. Though mutations are slight and the evolved strains are not more dangerous than the first one discovered, these strains can baffle human immunity system, hide from it and may not show positive results at some tests.

The possibility coronavirus can adapt itself to survive is posing more challenges for vaccine development.

Till date, there are more than 2 million infected with this virus while nearly 140,000 victims have died. In India, the statistic soared within the past week with over 12,000 confirmed cases now. You can update real-time coronavirus statistics and news here.

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