The Dramatic Irony Of Prince William And Prince Harry: One Becomes The Pillar Of British Royal, One Shakes Off His Family And Gets Stuck In The US?

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 16, 2020

The royal brothers, despite having shared the same parental upbringing, are on their own different paths now. 

Despite sharing the same parental upbringing, the royal brothers - Prince William and Prince Harry, are on their own different paths now. While Prince William is stepping into a statement role of the Royal family, Harry decided to walk away from the British throne. Here is what they're doing at the moment. 

Prince William to represent Royal family amid coronavirus crisis

In a recent video, Prince William has announced his new position as a patron of the National Emergency Trust (NET). He was the first one to patronize this charity, which has raised £12.5m within a week for coronavirus efforts. NET has been giving out money for charities all over the country in order to financially support people who are struggling to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. 

Prince Harry Prince William
Prince William and Prince Harry, who have been growing up together, are now growing apart in their own ways

When making video-calls for grassroots charitiesmembers to ask about the existing challenges, the current patron of NET, Prince William, also expressed his appreciation for what Britain had been doing. “Britain is at its best when faced with a crisis,” said the Duke of Cambridge. Besides giving his compliment to the community, Prince William also encouraged charities to keep up the good work.

Clearly, Prince William, who represents his royal family, is doing great at maintaining his vital role in the fight against COVID-19. Given the fact that Prince William is the second in the line with the British throne, the Duke of Cambridge is going to gain more and more supports for having actively engaged in this virus fight.

Prince William Coronavirus
Prince William gives a speech at the patron of NET for the coronavirus fight in Britain

Prince Harry is having a hard time in the US

On the other hand, his brother, Prince Harry along with his wife Meghan Markle, has become the center of public criticism after ditching the royal family for a new life in the US. The stream of criticism is intensifying considering that the royal family is struggling with COVID-19 and the Sussexes aren’t there for them.

Recently, Prince Harry, once again, stirred up controversies when crossing out his last name Mountbatten Windsor for his American life. According to documents from a tour operator called Travalyst, Harry has also completely stopped using lucrative 'Sussex Royal' due to the Queen’s order.  

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle
The duke and duchess of Sussex stepped down from their royal duties starting from April 1st

Harry does not even take ‘Wales’ as his surname as he used to when in college and Army anymore. The name Harry used for education and military purposes was based on his father’s title: Prince of Wales. Despite no longer carrying out royal duties, Harry is still in the Line of Succession to the British Throne.

Recently on April 13, Prince William and Prince Harry made a rare public union along with their wives to clear the speculation around their feud. In fact, the royal brothers have been. Earlier, Harry also claimed in a TV documentary that although they decided to walk in different ways, they're always brothers. Prince William, on his side, revealed that they have separated entities but he would always support as love his brother as he used to.

What do you think about Prince William and Prince Harry's situations? Is moving to the US a right decision to the Duke and Duchess of Success? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below!

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