Untold Stories Of Ramya Divya Spandana | Who Is Her Father? Is She Married?

Hanima Anand |Feb 04, 2021

Find your answers about the personal life of South Indian actress and politician Divya Spandana here. Other than her marriage facts, read what she told her friends about her father.

Not only a talented actress with many awards during her career, Divya Spandana, or Ramya, is also an active member of Parliament between 2013-2014. However, since she was no longer an MP and after the election 2019, there is less information of her activities. Many fans are curious about Divya Spandana husband name but he is yet to be revealed by the actress.

Divya Spandana 1
The actress-turned-politician Divya Spandana is enjoying her single life.

In today article, let’s listen to what Ramya and her mother shared about two men in her life, her husband and her late father.

Divya Spandana marriage rumours

In 2017, Spandana was assigned the national head of Congress’s digital team to take care of its social media wing. With her background in the film industry, Spandana has successfully turned around Rahul Gandhi’s and Indian Youth Congress’s image in the public.

However, there was a rumour in 2018 that she was upset with Congress Party and had resigned from the position. In 2019, Divya Spandana remained inactive during the Indian General Election, evoking doubts that she had left the political game to build her own family.

Divya Spandana 2
In 2019, Ramya was rumored to get married to Raphael in Dubai.

At that time, people believed that Divya Spandana was going to marry her boyfriend Raphael  in Dubai. However, Divya Spandana’s mother refuted Ramya marriage rumours.

"Ramya has no plans of getting married soon. If she decides to get married someday, we will talk about it openly. She has no reason to get married secretly."

Divya Spandana And Boyfriend 1
Divya Spandana and her last boyfriend Raphael broke up some years ago.

In fact, Divya Spandana broke up with her Portuguese boyfriend because either of them wanted to change their location. Ramya’s mother shared in an interview:

"Ramya was concentrating on the elections, and Raphael was busy with his business. They couldn't spend much time together. Also, Ramya has no plans of leaving India, and Raphael doesn't want to leave Portugal. Due to such reasons, they have parted ways on a good note, but they are still friends."

Since her breakup with boyfriend Raphael, Divya Spandana remains single till date. She hasn’t got married with the Portuguese businessman as rumored.

Divya Spandana boyfriends

Divya Spandana is a determined woman. Once she focuses on something, other issues would be put aside. During her acting career, Ramya wasn’t involved in any from-reel-to-real relationships. Though she has acted in various films, co-starring many male colleagues, Spandana put a clear line between work and personal life.

The Portuguese businessman Raphael was the only Divya Spandana boyfriend that has been revealed to the public. Even Ramya hardly spoke about her love story with Raphael in interviews.

Divya Spandana And Boyfriend 2
There was a time when Raphael often accompanied Ramya at events.

Until now, all that we know about Raphael is he lives and run business in Portugal. He probably met Divya Spandana when she travelled to Europe for filming. However, they hardly had romantic dates as each pursued their own career path.

Divya Spandana And Boyfriend 3
Raphael was quite protective towards his girlfriend Ramya.

Spandana couldn’t quit her political dream in India while Raphael insisted staying in his own country for company development. Therefore, the two decided to go in separate ways. Some reports said Divya Spandana broke up with her boyfriend Raphael in 2016 but she has never verified this information.

Divya Spandana And Boyfriend 4
Spandana and Raphael remained good friends after their breakup.

Divya Spandana father

Ramya was born on 29 November 1982 in Karnataka to a single mom. Her mother Ranjitha was a senior member of Congress Party. Spandana used to say that she was the granddaughter of S.M Krishna, who was the former Chief minister of Karnataka.

Divya Spandana’s foster father was RT Narayan, an industrialist. He was a friend of Spandana’s family and had funded her education since high school.

Divya Spandana Foster Father
Divya Spandana and her foster father Narayan

Divya had lived with her father RT Narayan at the Taj West End since she studied in Grade 8. She only moved to a different house she bought in 2014 after her father’s death. The actress and politician said moving into her own house was an act of letting go of the past about her foster father.

  • Made-up stories about her father

Sharing about her family, Ramya said she had no biological father and this led to many sad stories in her childhood. Growing up as Divya Spandana without a surname caused her to make up stories about her dad whenever her teachers mentioned this topic.

Divya Spandana said when people raised such questions as what one’s parent did for a living, she had to lie about her father. One year she said her father had died in a plane crash, while another year people heard her saying he was in America. Spandana would tell others anything about her dad so that they would stop asking questions.

Divya Spandana As Teenager
During her childhood, Ramya had to lie about her father's whereabouts.

The former Sandalwood Queen admitted that her mother also encouraged her lying about the missing father, simply because she was too young then and could not understand things fully.

  • Unconditional support from a foster father

It was Ramya’s foster father Narayan who supported her throughout her secondary schoolyears. When her mother couldn’t afford the fee for her excursion, Narayan paid Rs 10,000 for it. When she applied a course in St Joseph’s College, it’s also Narayan to ask senior Congress leader SM Krishna to write a recommendation letter for her.

Divya Spandana In 2014
Divya in her London trip in 2014

In 2013, when she was unsure about her political and filming career choice, Divya Spandana refered to her father Narayan who urged her to go ahead. The day she filed her papers, Ramya’s father died of cardiac arrest.

Two days after Narayan’s death, a man named Venkatesh Babu claimed he was Divya Spandana’s biological father on mass media. However, it turned out to be a political strategy from opponents who wanted to defeat a newbie like her. In 2014, she eventually won the election and represented Mandya in the Parliament.

Divya Spandana 3
The more hardship she encountered, the stronger Ramya becomes.

Final words

With over a decade working in the film industry, and another decade serving her political mission, Divya Spandana is now an experienced player in both fields. Though she hasn’t found a reliable man to accompany, we believe Divya Spandana husband in the future would be a talented and considerate person because she deserves it.

Her story about the late father Narayan is also an inspiring story about kind-hearted people in life though the two didn’t share any biological link with each other. With what she has achieved throughout the years, her father Narayan must be smiling in heaven now.

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