[Photos] Cyclone Amphan Wrecked Life In Eastern India & Bangladesh

Hanima Anand |May 21, 2020

See below the collection of photos showing the aftermath of cyclone Amphan after it went through Eastern India and Bangladesh border.

Yesterday, cyclone Amphan landed on the eastern India and Bangladesh border. Though it has been weakened, Amphan is still the strongest storm ever in the Bay of Bengal, leaving wreckages wherever it went through.

Cyclone Amphan 1
A man covering himself while walking in the heavy rain. Behind him, a tree is uprooted.
Cyclone Amphan 4
The stormy sky before the cyclone made it landfall.

Before the storm had it landfall, both India and Bangladesh authorities tried to evacuate affected residents but the fact that millions of people would stay in the same place for safety also increases the risk of Covid-19 spread.

Cyclone Amphan 8
Almost all streets in affected areas are flooded.

Having said that, hundreds of people have been gathered at cyclone centers in both countries. Some wear masks while others don’t.

Cyclone Amphan 10
Bangladesh people stay in a cyclone center, not wearing face masks despite the risk of Covid-19.
Cyclone Amphan 9
Still, many people are not evacuated to safe places.

The storm came with heavy rainfall and strong wind, making all the streets flooded while uprooting a lot of trees in the regions.

Cyclone Amphan 3
Trees and branches laying on the streets.
Cyclone Amphan 13
A big tree fall on the bus coming through.

Meanwhile, villagers in affected areas had to reinforce embankments with soil to prevent flood. Once it happens, shabby huts of these people won’t be able to save their lives.

Cyclone Amphan 6
People reinforcing embankment with more soil.
Cyclone Amphan 5
Their huts like this won't be able to protect their lives once flood comes.
Cyclone Amphan 11
Along an affected road, stalls are smashed.

Due to the harsh weather, traffic gridlocks were unavoidable. Hundred trucks have been stranded on a bridge in Paradeep.

Cyclone Amphan 15
Trucks and other vehicles are stuck on the bridge.
Cyclone Amphan 2
A man walking alone in the rain to reach his shelter.

When the storm was over, workers from National Disaster Response Force in Bengal started road clearance and restoration tasks.

Cyclone Amphan 12
The response team working overnight to clear the road.
Cyclone Amphan 7
People trying to remove the tree branches on the street.
Cyclone Amphan 14
Water makes it hard to move for both pedestrians and vehicles.

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