Cyclone Amphan Can Bring Catastrophe To India, Crucial Rules To Stay Safe From The Disaster

Bhavna Acharya |May 20, 2020

Cyclone Amphan is hitting the coast in Indian and Bangladesh, here are things you need to keep in mind to stay safe from the strongest storm ever in the Bay of Begal!

As the cyclone is about to bear down in India and Bangladesh, the Odisha authority said that the upcoming hours are crucial for the state to predict the level of devastation of the cyclone. While more than 2M people have been evacuated in Bangladesh, 430,000 Indian people are safe in shelters and 130,000 are on their way to evacuation. 

Cyclone Amphan 2
Cyclone Amphan is sweeping off the shore in Indian and Bangladesh

Cyclone Amphan can become catastrophic

According to the Indian National Disaster Management Agency, the wind speed is about the storm is expected to pack sustained wind speeds of 175 kph with gusts of 215 kph (133 mph). Meanwhile, CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri said that the storm's cloud field is 2,800 kilometers (1,740 miles) long from tip to tail and could bring up 5-meter storm surges. 

Cyclone Amphan is quite near the shore and this is the video of how dangerous the cyclone can be:

Meanwhile, the red cross organization is helping the resident to stay safe from the storm by setting up evacuation shelters. More than 12,000 people who are living near to the coast in Odisha have been evacuated in 45 shelters while 17 other ones are being used as coronavirus shelters. If your residence is said to be affected by the Cyclone Amphan, please strictly follow the rule.

Cyclone Amphan
Cyclone Amphan is said to be the strongest storm ever in the Bay of Bengal

How to stay safe from Cyclone Amphan

  • Stay inside your house but do not come close to the doors and windows
  • Get yourself a torch and battery-operated radio (to get weather updates) in case of blackout
  • If you have a landline phone, please unplug it as lightning can go through it. Use a mobile phone instead but only in emergencies.

If your location is far away from the cyclone, please spread this piece of information to your friend and family who could be affected by Cyclone Amphan. 


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