Disastrous Earthquake In India History & Tips To Survive Earthquake

Ankita Chetana |Apr 14, 2020

Earthquakes have been doing the rounds in India from the past, which has left people in a vulnerable situation. Here the 4 biggest earthquakes in India and survival tips from this natural disaster.

Being prone to natural disasters such as floods, storms, and earthquakes, Indian people's lives across the country have been affected for long. Earthquake in India has not only destroyed the people's properties but also taken many lives away.

Here is the most catastrophic earthquake in India's history and safety tips to survive an earthquake!

Top 4 Memorial & Disastrous Earthquake in India

1. Bihar Earthquake in 1934

Taking place in Bihar, the earthquake is mentioned as one of the most destructive ones in India's history up to now. With the pitch of 8.0 on the Richter scale, the quake occurring on January 15, 1934, killed over 30,000 people. The strong intensity even reached Kolkata which is 650 kilometers from the place of the disaster.

The epicenter located closely in Eastern Nepal and damaged the property and life in Bihar as well as the other areas near there. Munger, Purnea, Muzaffarpur, and Champaran were the areas suffering the worst damages.

2. Uttarkashi Earthquake in 1991

This town has got a lot of calamities over the years that left severe harm to everyone's life. But people will never forget the date of October 20, 1991, when the worst earthquake occurred and struck Uttarkashi, Chamoli, and Tehri districts.

Measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale, the disaster took over 1,000 lives of people away. Not stop then, it also destroyed major property in the affected areas. Even Delhi recognized the tremors of the earthquake.

3. Maharashtra Earthquake in 1993

On one day of September 1993, Latur district (in Maharashtra) recorded one amongst the worst earthquake in India when more than 20,000 citizens were dead because of it. Killari village was the epicenter of the disaster whereas the quake devastated districts of Latur and Osmanabad the most.

Maharashtra Earthquake In 1993
The image of Latur after the 1993 earthquake in India

Over 52 villages were razed to the ground due to the massive quake. Since then, the Indian government made using TMT bars which are durable earthquake-resistant for construction compulsory. TMT bars using a special technology of Tempcore can confront with fatigue under a superior power.

4. Gujarat Earthquake in 2001

In January 2001, a massive earthquake which measured 7.07 on the Richter scale felt in Gujarat and killed over 20,000 people. Happening at 8.40 am, the unforgettable earthquake in India's history occurred in a duration of 2 minutes but ruined lots of towns and villages.

The district capital Bhuj, as well as the epicenter of the quake, was hit the most. The disaster also ravaged many buildings and the affected areas' whole communication system. It was so serious that damages from the earthquake did affect Bhuj's well-known Swaminarayan temple.

Safety Tips to Survive an Earthquake in India

Earthquake never informs us before coming so to minimize the damages and consequences caused by this calamity, read and follow these tips.

1. In case of being inside when an earthquake strikes

  • Lie down on the ground.
  • Hide under any piece of furniture.
  • Avoid stationing near windows, glass or walls.
  • Be cautious of anything heavy or debris and observe the situation to avoid injuries.
  • Keep being inside until the quake stops.

2. In case of being outside when an earthquake strikes

What to do During An Earthquake
Find an open area which is a long-distance from the affected place
  • Try your best to run a level ahead of the earthquake, stay calm and keep your mindset.
  • Remain to be outside and don't look for any building to hide.
  • Seek a wide-open area far from trees and buildings if possible.
  • In case you are amongst a crowd, try to get yourself protected in a place.
  • Consider and watch out the falling or broken things near there.

3. In case you are driving when an earthquake strikes

Move To A Safe Place During An Earthquake
Move out of the affected areas and find a safe place
  • Find a safe place to pull over and stop joining transportation.
  • Stay away from bridges or whatever else that might collapse.
  • Check your car radio and follow the emergency officials' guidelines.
  • If you are around the affected areas, stay inside your car and wait until someone helps you.
  • Put a sign of HELP in your car window when you need it.

In conclusion, be warned and cautious of the earthquake in India when it can occur every time. Stay awake and safe!


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