South African Pastor Claims He Heals People By Farting The ‘Holy Spirit’ On Their Faces

Salena Harshini |Mar 19, 2021

Pastor Chris Penelope of the “SevenFold Holy Spirit Ministries” alleges he heals people by farting the Holy Spirit on their heads/nostrils.

Pastor Chris Penelope alleges that he could heal people by farting in their faces. He is also part of the “SevenFold Holy Spirit Ministries”.

The "sacred" ritual

Recently, a self-acclaimed Man of God was pictured sitting on his church members’ faces. He was reportedly passing the Holy Spirit on them. He even claims that his “wind” is “anointed and instantly performs miracles.”

He also said that when he stands or sits on them, they are not painful as "the Holy Spirits are in charge."

Pastor Fart
Penelope says he just has to fart on their heads near their nostrils to release the holy spirit.

Reportedly, in early 2021, dozens of businessmen, professionals rushed to the church and painstakingly waited for the scared farts on their heads. They hoped that by doing this, their businesses may flourish hence they will become rich.

According to news, there are frequently long queues lining up to get their blessing via Chris Penelope’s flatulence from his rear end. Well, it is presumed to be a wonderful bowl of prosperity and great things.

Pastor Standing On The People
He also stands on the members.
South Afircan Pastor
He also claimed that his farts can perform miracles.

A number of enterprisers even waited for two months to have the pastor pass the Holy Ghost on their faces. They hoped that with this, they would start winning bids again.

Collecting the gas to sniff it on important occasions

A former member revealed that almost all individuals paid a large fee to collect the fragrance in containers. In fact, they will use it to smell away a bit when they attend their business affairs and deals.

Meanwhile, they believed that with this magical gas, they will be even more wealthy than Elon Musk.

Other church people also agree and praise the self-declared pastor for being the reason behind the members’ luxury cars and houses.

Those who do not meet with him will collect it in a container to sniff it away.

On another hand, some felt terrified by the smelling performance and opted to leave the church. They said that this kind of stuff is something they would never sign up for.

“When we come to church it’s because we need prayers, not to be farted on,” said a 30-year-old man.

Additionally, others accused Chris Penelope of worshipping the wrong God.

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