Pakistan Refuses To Evacuate Its 800 Citizens In Wuhan For Fear of nCoV

Ankita Chetana |Feb 12, 2020

The world is keeping a safe distance with China and so does Pakistan. But is it true to leave over 800 citizens of this country in Wuhan to prevent coronavirus outbreak?

The story of Wuhan, China has been leaving everyone in tears these days even the coronavirus outbreak has risen. Chinese people have held hands to overcome this harsh time, however, some stirring moments from other countries once again make us concern a lot. That is about Pakistan, the country closing the door of evacuating its citizens back.

For this sensitive period when people raise a high warning of people coming from China, many foreigners in Wuhan have been evacuated from the affected areas. Unfortunately, Nadeem Bhatti together with hundreds of Pakistani students weren’t allowed to come back to their home country.

Nadeem Bhatti - one of 800 Pakistani nationals left in Wuhan

It was so somber that he had to see his classmates from India, Nepal, and some other countries filed into buses with the evacuation from their governments. Otherwise, under a bleak calculus of the Pakistani government, Mr. Bhatti, as well as the other 800 citizens of this country, are not welcomed to return.

On the other hand, we may know that Pakistan is a country lacking medical facilities and healthcare systems. If these infected people of this country come back home, the coronavirus outbreak would be a considerable issue to the whole nation. Up to now, they have been still combating polio, dengue fever, and the rise of H.I.V.

On behalf of the Pakistani citizens staying back in Wuhan, Mr. Bhatti (25 yr) from Huazhong University of Science and Technology shared that they couldn’t sleep several nights when going under the pressure of being left. They all want to go back to avoid the infectious virus. However, he changed his mind to think that his home country has no hospitals good enough to treat the positive infected people or even segregate them from the others. Besides, the Chinese alongside them are uniting to fight against this problem.

Nevertheless, the other Pakistanis in Wuhan pointed out another kind of thought which show them as pawns for a geopolitical conspiracy. Since Pakistan shares, one of the most major allies with China, this action of Pakistan might be to consolidate and keep peace with Beijing. After continuing some commercial flights with China, Pakistan seemed to bow and scrape. Its citizens in Wuhan can only go back home unless they are indicated to be positive with 2019-nCoV.

A tweet from senior health adviser of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Dr, Zafar Mirza encouraged the citizens of this country in Wuhan to stay calm. According to him, the government is talking turkey of the situation and will give the final decision based on all the realities. He completed saying that they are still Pakistanis and the government care for them.

Wuhan and Xianing shut down all banks and A.T.M.s

But it was unlikely to satisfy the students stuck in Wuhan outskirts Xianning. One of them replied in hysterics that this action is like killing all of them and they will have no way to return to Pakistan. Their home country just wants to sell them to China to get a few benefits.

The student was identified as Muhammad Ibraheem on a course of Hubei University of Science and Technology. During a recent interview, he showed the despair of his location where dead cases remain to increase and no more medical supplies reach this area. Not only him but several other students also run out of money to live it up since A.T.M.s as well as the banks have been closed down.

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Besides Ibraheem, many other Twitter users also complained about their government. Moreover, they took to this social platform to share videos indicating their desperate pleas and ask the Pakistani government to evacuate them.

Back in time, there were 4 Pakistani students infected with coronavirus in January 2020 after having a meal with others in a room of their dormitory. Since then, students there are prohibited to mingle. Mr. Bhatti can only communicate with his best friend through his dorm’s window to spend the long days of being kept.

Not only the Pakistani students but their families in Pakistan also stay in despair and anxiety. Mr. Bhatti told that his mother was crying a lot and even giving food to her poor neighbors so that they can join her praying for him. Each moment flies by, he feels more stressed because of her worry.

Desperate faces of Pakistanis left in Wuhan, China

Coronavirus outbreak is a problematic issue over the world, but sharing and helping are important than whatever. Anyone from the pandemic areas needs support from us and especially their hometown. Instead of letting them go, giving a hand is much supportive, isn’t it?


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