Appears Naked In WhatsApp Video, Telangana Man Demands Nude Pics From Nurse, Nearly Forcing Her To Commit Suicide

Leela Adwani |Jun 10, 2020

Nalgonda police arrested the accused man who was then identified as Parsha Akhil.

A man residing in Telangana was recently arrested because of his wrongdoing that has invited the wrath of many people. He allegedly stalked a nurse, created a fake Facebook account under her name, and used it to blackmail her to send him nude photos.

Nalgonda police arrested the accused man who was then identified as Parsha Akhil. For those who are unversed, the victim is currently working at a Hyderabad-based home caregiving organization.

The Nurse
the man had stalked the nurse

According to the report, after making the fake profile, Akhil used it to befriend her friends. Meanwhile, the nurse who is a native from Khammam district was offering home care for her patient in Nalgonda.

The police officer said that she was on the verge of committing suicide due to the harassment. She decided to save herself by sending a message to the police’s special department called “She Team.” Luckily, the team acted promptly after getting the message from her and quickly contacted her. The nurse, on the other hand, also shared the phone number of Akhil and the team could trace him by using the mobile signals.

The Nurse W
He made a video call showing him naked in a WhatsApp video call

Not just this the police also revealed a shocking investigation that the accused also worked at the home caregiving organization as a ward boy. He met many nurses every day and got their contact numbers.

At first, the man sent the victim a message on WhatsApp saying that she should call back to him as he had a surprise for her. However, the nurse ignored his message. After several repeated requests, he made a video call himself. According to Times of India, Akhil showed up in the naked appearance that left the girl totally in shock and she immediately disconnected the call.

However, he saved the video and threatened her that he would share the video showing her looking at him nude.

That was not the first time of him doing so because as per the police investigation, the accused had done it with about 30 other women.

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