What's Wrong With This Potato Chips Bag?

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 05, 2021

Check out some incredible artworks which look exactly like real objects and how did the artists make it possible!

Sometimes what you see is not always the truth. A Japanese artist has proven it right with his incredible pencil drawing. From potato bag to chocolate bars, he created incredible artwork which looks 100% real. Even when we know they are just a drawing, it’s hard to believe in your own eye. Still in doubt? Take a closer look at some of his wonderful drawings right below!

Optical Illusion
Do you think this potato chips bag is real or just a painting?

It’s more surprising to know the artist who created these masterpieces is only a 19-year-old student who is called Shinoo. There is no doubt that even when the artist is a skillful and talented one, it took extra effort for him to create a perfect drawing like this.

According to the artist, he spent more than 50 hours on the potato bag to make it as real as possible. In fact, his hard work paid off as his photo went viral on the internet in no time. Everyone agreed that they thought it was a real chips bag until finding out it was just a pencil drawing. From the ratio, the shadow and light reflection, everything convinces us that this is a real three-dimensional object, however, here is the incomplete photo to prove it’s completely a human-made painting.

Optical Illusion2
The making of the incredible painting

Apart from the viral drawing of the potato bag, Shinoo is also well-known for many other drawings including another snack bag, a crystal ball and a chocolate bar. In case you’re curious about his pencil and drawing tools, it is impressive to know that the young artist only use a standard pencil box, a while pen to paint the light and a black airbrush for the shadow parts.

Check out other amazing artwork of him right below!

Incredible Drawing
A crystal ball looks as real as it gets
Incredible Drawing 2jpg
Another amazing artwork from the young talented painter
Optical Illusion3
A drawing of a chocolate bar

More incredible painting

Check out more incredible 3D illustrations of other artists around the world that will leave you speechless!

Incredible Illustration
Pencil drawing created by artist Pabst Stefan which is just incredible
Incredible Illustration 2
He can draw many objects in three-dimension with just a pencil
Incredible Illustration 3
it's hard to tell between real objects and illustrations
2def9bc600000578 0 Image A 79 1446203371108
This painting can be mistaken as a photograph but it turns out that Stefan made it with brushes and his incredible hands
2def998a00000578 0 Image A 78 1446203368674
The making of Scarlett Johanson drawing to prove that it's not a photograph

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