Meet The World’s Most Tattooed Doctor, Sarah Gray, Who Challenges Stereotypes In Medical Profession

Leela Adwani |Jul 28, 2020

Her body art doesn’t hold her back as she is even praised as one of the nation’s best and brightest young medics. See Pics!

Doctors are always stuck to the image with a white blouse coat and a stethoscope. They are said to be the most well-educated, strict people on earth, some even find them as nerdy people. However, Dr. Sarah Gray who is known to be the most tattooed doctor of the world is determined to break this stereotype about the medical profession.

Sarah is currently working in a hospital in Adelaide, Australia. Unlike many colleagues, she has covered herself from head to toe in ink. With bleached hair and several tattoos on the body, the 31-year-old even doesn’t shy away from describing herself as the most colorful doctor.

The young doctor insists that her looks should not affect on how her patients or co-workers view her at work.

In an interview with Australian show Sunrise, Sarah stated that if you are competent and confident with your ability at work, your appearance shouldn’t be a matter.

Most Tattooed Doctor
Sarah is working at a hospital in Adelaide, Australia.

The most tattooed doctor added,

"I'm just trying to be an advocate for being your own person and still being able to work in the medical profession."

However, her body art doesn’t hold her back as she is even praised as one of the nation’s best and brightest young medics.

Most Tattooed Doctor 2
She is a confident and competent doctor

The doctor also shares that the unusual tattoos on her body even help her get closer to her young patients.

Most Tattooed Doctor 3
She still lives her life to the fullest and does whatever she wants

For those who are unversed, she started getting inked at 16 years old. Her passion is so big that it has even grown into a business. Yes, other than being a full-time cool doctor, she is a tattoo artist. She and her husband, Matt, also won a tattoo parlor.

Most Tattooed Doctor 5
Her passion for ink is great
Most Tattooed Doctor 6
Her husband is also a tattoo artist

What do you think about Sarah and her title, the most tattooed doctor in the world?


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