SHOCK – North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un May Be Dead, International Citizens Can’t Stop Making Fun Of It

Leela Adwani |Apr 27, 2020

Reports are rife on Kim Jong Jun’s death and his poor health condition. International citizens' reactions might leave you stunned, check out!

In the series of still-deloping reports, the mystery about the absence of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been more deepened every day. After the news was out about the critical health status of Kim earlier this month, it has been taking the whole world by storm. Now, reports are rife on Kim Jong Jun’s death and his poor health condition. It appears that the leader who reportedly had been struggling with cardiovascular problems underwent the procedure at a hospital in his home country when his heath reportedly turned dire.

Kim Jong Uns Death
Rumors are rife on the death of Kim Jong Jun

According to a recent post published in New York Post which went into more detail from the Chinese outlet Hong Kong Sattelite Television's vice director's statement, the world leader was dead. Meanwhile, Chinese officials claimed that his health condition or (maybe) death was caused because of the mistake of the surgeon. It was reported that due to heavy shaking hands, he inserted a stent incorrectly. As per Japanese media, Kim fainted while in his countryside visit.

On the other hand, South Korean officials poured water on the spreading speculations on Kim Jong Un’s death. They told CNN that he is still alive.

The top foreign policy adviser Moon Chung-in said,

“Our government position is firm. Kim Jong Un is alive and well. He has been staying in the Wonsan area since April 13. No suspicious movements have so far been detected.”

Earlier, the US officials announced that they are seeking more details about his heath after getting informed Kim was in a critical health condition post cardiovascular surgery. The Trump administration was not sure of the current condition of the leader. One of the US officials stated that the White House was informed that Kim Jong Un’s health turned worse after undergoing the surgery.

Kim Jong Uns Death 2
He was absent from the nation's important days

In fact, Kim was recently absent from the birthday celebration of his grandfather taking place on 15 April which is considered one of the biggest events of the nation. That later fueled widespread speculations about his well-being. Kim had only been seen 4 days before the birthday party at a government meeting.

As the rumors about his death can’t stop doing the rounds, social media is now flooded with reactions by the international netizens. Here are some:

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