Kim Jong Un Orders North Korean People To Hand Over Pet Dogs Amid Food Crisis

Hanima Anand |Aug 21, 2020

North Korean residents have never disappointed the world about their loyalty towards the government but this policy from President Kim Jong Un reportedly caused silent rage among pet owners here.

Though North Korea is famous for its closed border as well as limited goods exchanges with the rest of the world, this country is still suffering negative impacts from the global pandemic. Specifically, the regime is facing a serious food shortage, but President Kim Jong Un has come up with a unique idea.

Kim Jong Un And Donald Trump
Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un (right) in the last meeting

Hand in your pet dog or face arrest!

Unlike Western societies, dog meat is very popular in Korean regions, either North or South. It is considered an abundant source of protein as well as a delicacy in these nations, so eating dog meat is rather a social norm here. There are reports that each year, over 1 million dogs are raised on farms for food in South Korea, where the dog eating tradition has somehow faded out.

However, most people choose to buy dog meat in the market instead of killing their own dogs. Now, they have to hand in their pets to the government to help the country survive the food crisis.

Dogs In North Korea
Wealthy North Korean people have dogs as pets while others raise pigs and livestock.

In detail, Kim Jong Un in July has imposed a ban on owning pet dogs as North Korean authorities think this shows the decadence of capitalist societies. Those families who are having pet dogs must submit the animals to the officers; otherwise, they will be confiscated.

Handed-in pet dogs then experience one in two equally miserable scenarios: some will go straight to the state-run zoos and live in captivity for the entire life, while others are sold to dog meat restaurants.

Given the food shortage that around 60% of North Korean people are facing now, dogs sold to restaurants will definitely outnumber those to the zoos, if not saying all of them may have the same fate.

North Korea Flood Damage
Many parts of the country face serious flood damages, causing a nationwide food shortage.

The food crisis in North Korea is caused by excessive flooding and restricted food suppliers.

Similar to Kim Jong Un’s regime, China was also reported to urge residents to opt for dog mean during the pandemic. The most populated country in the world is suffering unprecedented flood, epidemic, and political pressure from all sides of borders.

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Other weird laws in North Korea

Besides the recent rule over pet ownership, North Korean leader has many times surprised his international friends with a series of weird laws. Below are some of most bizarre regulations in this country, approved by President Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un On North Korean Tv
Kim Jong Un on a North Korean TV channel
  • Foreign movies and international calls mean imprisonment or execution.

You should never watch an American movie if living in North Korea, or else you’re executed. Watching Indian movies is not recommended either because it may cost you a long imprisonment. Calling some international friends without permission is equivalent to a death penalty.

  • Show utmost respect to Kim if you want to live!

As a King, President Kim Jong Un should be treated with all respects you could show. Falling asleep during his events is fatal while some-year sentences always wait for those accused of blasphemy.

  • Women driving cars is a crime.

It’s not a joke in North Korea. Only men are allowed to drive cars and the number of cars per population is always kept at one per a hundred ratio.

Kim Jong Un And Wife
Even the wife of Kim Jong Un follows strict rules in dressing and behaviours.
  • Jeans are forbidden, so do capitalism attire.

North Korean leader doesn’t like many things from Western countries, especially women’s clothes that reveal too much of their figures or body. That’s why he ban all people wearing jeans, short skirts and bikinis. Dress length should be over the knees.

  • Only 3 TV channels are allowed.

What? Imagine you are not allowed to watch foreign films and there are only 3 state-run television channels to follow. Every TV program is strictly supervised by the government while the content should attach patriotism or family love.

In fact, there are many other shocking rules by Kim Jong Un imposed on North Korean people. However, we are outsiders anyway, only people inside this regime know what really happen there and how residents truly feel about their leader.

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