How Does It Feel Before You Die? 14 Types Of Sensations You Might Experience Before Travelling With God

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 26, 2021

Where do we go after we remove our body, here are some of the most common experiences people went through when they are on the fine line of life and death?

How does it feel when you’re dying? This must be one of the biggest mysterious questions all of us want to know. However, we only die once. It means you won’t know it until you come to it. Although it is a big fear, we’re also curious about the answer.

Before Dead
Where do we go after we remove our body, here are some of the most common experiences people went through when they are on the fine line of life and death?

14 sensations humans might experience before death

In fact, a few people who went through life-threatening situations claimed to have a before-death experience. After question 150 of them, Dr. Raymond Moody classified all of their experience into 14 different types as below:

  • They are aware of their physiological pain comes to a limit and hear the doctor say they’re dead, they also hear the crying and screaming sounds of their family
  • The extreme pain faded away and their soul was filled with peace. Some also find themselves traveling in dark tunnels and see a blinding light at the end
  • They hear echoing sounds during the transmission process. Some claim that it is a beautiful melody that made them feel peaceful and calmed
  • The soul started leaving their body and flying up into the air, feeling as light as a feather
  • They experience being pulled into a dark zone which looks like a transition place for people before going to their afterlife
  • They see other people and try to scream and talk but nobody can see or hears them

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Before Dead 1
Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is also a common experience of many people
  • Some try in vain to getting back into their bodies but have no sense of time and space
  • They are able to hear and see clearer than ever before
  • Feeling an unbearable cold and emptiness as no one can hear and see them
  • They are surrounded by many “people” who came to make them feel calm and secure. These people ring the bell of other worlds and bring them to the world of the dead.
  • The flash and blinding light appear in a few seconds before death comes.
  • Old memories flashing by just like a movie
  • They are trapped inside under the water, a room, fences, and many other things and were unable to go out of it.
  • When you’re in the fine line between life and death, you will get a rare chance to get back to life if being saved properly. However, it is believed that many people whose souls leave the body and enter the world of death refuse to return to their body.
Spirit Rising From Body
Many other people are aware that they're removing their body and actually entered the world of dead

Above are some of the most common before-death experiences of people who went through life-threatening situations. These experiences may vary among people but they somehow give us a clear answer to the question of how it feels before we die.

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