Hot!!! Katy Perry Ignored The Airport Security And Not Showing Her Passport

Rose Advani |Nov 19, 2019

After the successful Oneplus Music festival in Mumbai, Katy Perry left India; however, the reaction of Roar singer at the Mumbai airport gave fans the uncomfortable feelings.

After finishing the Oneplus music festival at the DY Patil Stadium, Mumbai. Katy Perry left India to start her new plans. The Pop singer had a wonderful time in India with a great show and warm welcome parties from Bollywood celebs.

Katy Perry performed at Oneplus music festival in Mumbai
Katy Perry performed at Oneplus music festival in Mumbai

The international pop singer impressed all fans by her warm party at Karan Johar bash and had amazing days in the city of dream, Mumbai. Katy Perry had adorable moments in Mumbai with lots of warm welcome parties from celebs in Bollywood. And now, it's time for the singer to leave Indian and move to the next plan.

However,  everything has not been perfectly ended. It's said that Katy Perry did not show her passport when entering the airport in India. Katy's reaction at the India airport gathers some ugly attention.

Paparazzi were trying to snap the last images of Katy Perry in India; accidentally, the Dark Horse singer was seen walking through the airport security without showing the passport and try to ignore the alert of the security.

Netizens criticized that the singer did not respect India's security when not following the security protocol. Even her crew did not show up the document that the security required and ignored.

Lots of netizens had a serious reaction that she should respect India's law as respect to the law of her country. Some of the others said that though she is an international superstar, that gave her no right to disobey Indian law and security.

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