Horrifying Moment 3-Year-Old Entangled In Giant Kite, Whipped 100 Ft Into The Air In Taiwan

Hanima Anand |Aug 31, 2020

The incident occurred during a festival in Taiwan yesterday. The little girl was thrown into the air with the kite tail but rescued with no serious injuries. Watch video!

Yesterday afternoon, a 3-year-old toddler was playing in a festival in Nanlioao, Taiwan when she was suddenly entangled in a giant kite and whipped over 100 ft into the air. Onlookers got a heart-stopping moment while waiting for workers to rescue the kid.

Girl Lifted By Kite In Taiwan 1
The little girl was gripped by the kite tail but sustained no serious injury.

In the video, some people are seen to be flying a giant orange kite of several meters. When they let go of the kite, its entire tail is blown up the sky, with a toddler. The girl is entangled in the kite strings, flying in the air of more than 100 ft.

Along with the sky tail, she twists and turns several times with the cloth wrapping tightly onto her body. People are terrified of seeing the moment and festival staff quickly came to lower the kite.

Girl Lifted By Kite In Taiwan 2
The giant kite with the kid flew higher than any kite at the scene.

Many onlookers stand right below the girl, ready to catch her in case she falls off. Luckily, the workers are able to bring the kite down. Some adults nearby rush to pick her with their arms.

The toddler was frightened after the incident but she only suffered minor cuts without any serious injury.

The video quickly went viral on the Internet, reminding people of children's safety at public events. Next time when you bring your kids to fly a kite, remember to keep an eye on them.

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