Lawyer In Peru Caught Having S*x With Female Client During Zoom Court, In Front Of The Judge

Salena Harshini |Feb 10, 2021

And this is not the first time a person is caught having their sexy time on Zoom before the eyes of many people. See them for yourself here!

A lawyer was currently caught red-handed in asexual intercourse during a Zoom hearing as he left the computer camera on.

The judge who took the chair of the online hearing touted the said lawyer, whose name is Hector Paredes Robles, as a disgrace for his 18+ performance in central Peru.

Peruvian lawyer caught on cam

In detail, the stunned court officials watched as Robles stripped his clothes and seated on a chair before a nude brunette climbed on his lap. They believed that she was his client. Another judge named John Chahua Torres had to send a policeman to intercede.

Peruvian Lawyer Caught On Cam
The infidelity became the whole show for the Zoom meeting.

Meanwhile, a female aide alerted the Peru lawyer that his “fun time” was being recorded and watched by lots of eyes. The unreal turn of events took place during an online remand hearing held by a Pichanaki court in central Junin’s Peruvian region. As the X-rated session did not show any sign of finishing, judge Torres spoke,

“ 'We are witnessing obscene acts which represent a violation of public decency and are aggravated by the fact they are being recorded nationally.”

A court worker corroborated that the camera does belong to lawyer Paredes Robles. Then, the judge instructed the State Prosecution Service to issue an instant investigation.

Peruvian Lawyer Caught On Cam 1
The Peruvian lawyer had to face serious outcome after he got exposed.

Last night, they abandoned him from involving in the ongoing fraud, land trafficking, extortion case. Also, the Peruvian lawyer would have to face two probes by state prosecutors and the local bar association.

A number of local reports describe the brunette that had sex with him as a client. Her identity has yet to come to light. See the video:

A regional High Court statement added, "We condemn the actions of the lawyer Hector Paredes Robles who during a virtual remand hearing committed obscene acts which violated public decency."

Other unfortunate cases on Zoom

As more and more are using virtual applications to connect online due to the pandemic outbreak, careless Zoom users have brought embarrassment to themselves. These cases are the same as the Peruvian lawyer above.

Last September, a Member of Parliament in Argentina resigned after getting suspended for kissing a lady’s breasts in a parliamentary session online. During that video, a blond female was sitting on his lap. Meanwhile, he leaned down to kiss her chests. She also fondled him, Juan Emilio Ameri, who is a married man and a father-of-three.

The Frente de Todos coalition in Salta’s north-west province expelled the man while demanding his resignation and pending an investigation. After the explicit scene appeared on the large screen in a discussion about provincial debt, the Chamber of Deputies president postponed the session. Other MPs unanimously voted for the suspension of Ameri.

For the unknown, they later found out that the lady is Celeste Burgos, his girlfriend.

Last August, a Zoom call participant was caught doing dirty things during a Rio de Janeiro council meeting.

 Zoom User Caught Dauring Meeting
Another Zoom user caught doing it during the live session.

Moreover, last August also witnesses just a similar case. In the Philippines, a government official accidentally joined a Zoom meeting while having sexual intercourse with his secretary. The meeting also included his colleagues.

Government Official Was Caught Having Sex With His Secretary
Why so filthy? A Philippines govt official was caught with his secretary.

The man had mistakenly left the camera on after pushing the wrong button.

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