“God Is Up To Something Good”, Brother Says Goodbye To His Sick Little Sister For The Last Time

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 16, 2021

“God is in this situation, He’s up to something, and He’s up to something GOOD,” said Addy’s father.

When Addy Joy Sooter was only a 2-year-old toddler, her grandma noticed usual walking movements from her and sent her to the doctor for a checkup. The final result left the entire family in tears as the little girl was diagnosed with a serious brain tumor and the chance of surviving is odd.

Adalynn and Addy Joy Sooter

The fight against cancer

However, it didn’t mean that little Addy and her family were willing to give up. Apart from being unable to walk like normal and healthy children Addy also found difficulties in her daily activities like eating, drinking, or even breathing. Thanks to the strong support of the entire family including her elder brother Adalyn, the little but brave girl tried her best to fight off the disease.

Everything appeared to be good at first as Addy had a positive response to the treatment. However, as she turned 4, the tumor started to spread larger and treatments didn’t go well with her anymore. 

Despite the doctor’s advice of letting her go, the family never wanted to give up on their little daughter. They took her to an ‘experimental treatment’ in Mexico but she didn’t react to the final effort and the tumor had already spread to her spine. 

Brother And Sister Goodbye
The very last moment of Addy saying goodbye to her family and brother Adalyn

The final moment

It was when Matt, Addy’s father, knew it was time to say goodbye to his little daughter. The family gathered around the bed to make her last memories. It is the picture of Addy taking all of their strength to hold the hand of her 8-year-old brother that makes everyone in tears. The heartbreaking farewell of the two siblings before the little one going with God is too upset to handle. 

Despite the painful event that happened to the Sooter family, Addy’s father still keeps his faith in God and states that He makes their worst situation seem better.

“God is in this situation, He’s up to something, and He’s up to something GOOD,” said Addy’s father.

Matt Sooter 1
4-year-old Addy and her father Matt

For the unversed, the heartbreaking story of Addy the little girl fighting against cancer went viral and touched the heart of many people so that a fund was raised to support her family. Although she didn't make it a long journey, she will always remember as a strong and positive girl who was always be seen with a happy smile.

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