Gay Dad Adopts Little Girl With Down Syndrome After She Was Rejected By 20 Families

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 18, 2021

Their beautiful story of the gay dad and sicken baby has been wide-spread and gives motivation for many other single parents around the world.

Being born with down syndrome, baby Alba was abandoned by her mother right at birth. With her serious sickness, the unlucky girl was turned down by 20 other families who were looking for an adopted child. However, the girl became the most precious gift to Luca Trapanese, a 41-year-old gay man in Italy who devastatingly wants to adopt a baby.

Luca Trapanese
Luca Trapanese and his adopted baby who is diagnosed with down syndrome

A gay father and a sicken adopted baby

According to Luca, he spent years looking for a baby to adopt and to become a single father. However, because of being a single and gay parent, he is not allowed to adopt healthy and normal babies. He can only adopt babies with mental sickness and down syndrome and little Alba was the one to be introduced to him.

Right at the first moment when Luca held the tiny baby with down syndrome in his arms, he felt a different feeling and knew exactly that he was ready to become her father. “I felt she was my daughter immediately. I knew I was ready to be her father,” said Luca.

Luca Trapanese 1
She was rejected by 20 other families before being adopted by a single gay father

Their lives have been changed forever!

A gay single dad and a sicken baby became a perfect pair and started their journey full of joy and happiness. The father confessed that it was none other than the little Alba who gave meaning to his life and inspired him to do something big.

The story of the father-daughter couple went viral on the internet and touched the heart of many people. They gained thousands of followers on their social media account and every precious moment of them is recorded and shared by Luca.

The pair fulfill each other and have a beautiful journey together

At the moment, Alba is already a 1-and-a-half years old happy girl. Meanwhile, Luca has just published his very first book telling their own story which is promised to break the perceptions about single-parenting. Their beautiful story has been wide-spread and gives motivation for many other single parents around the world.

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