500 Times Of Sorry And Funny Punishments For India Lockdown Violators

Hanima Anand |Apr 13, 2020

Yesterday, a group of tourists are forced to write 500 times of Sorry for violating India lockdown order. And this is not the most hilarious punishment you see today!

According to reports, a group of 10 tourists in Rishikresh broke the India lockdown rule yesterday, Sunday April 12. Authorities made them write 500 times the sentence “I did not follow the rules of lockdown so I am so sorry” to ensure they won’t forget it.

Rishikresh Town India
Hundreds of foreign tourists are staying in the beautiful town of Rishikresh.

Actually, these are just some of tourists who broke the law during Indian lockdown. While people are only allowed to go out for buying essentials or medicine, hundreds of tourists in the town of Yoga are flouting the rules.

Tourists Violating Lockdown Order
A group of tourists are writing sorry notes

To preserve Indian images while making sure the lockdown order is strictly followed, police in the area have come up with creative ways. Besides wearing a coronavirus-shaped helmets, here are some hilarious punishments for India lockdown breach across the country.

Police Wearing Coronavirus Helmet
Indian police have tried every way to enforce the lockdown order

Squats and leapfrogs

It’s not a common scene to see men doing sit-ups, squats or leapfrogs, surrounded by some policemen in India these days.

This might be the most popular punishments for those who go out for unnecessary reasons during the India lockdown.

Punishment During India Lockdown
A punishment, also a method to improve community health!

Childhood games

A modified version of situps or physical training activities, these childhood punishments will become unforgettable memories of both, the police and violators.

Funny Punishment In India Lockdown
Remember the old days when you played this with friends?

Apology note to public

Similar to 500 times of Sorry, some guys are made to write embarrassing apology notes and photographed as a warning for all on social media.

India Lockdown
India police have gone a long way in implementing the rules.

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Meanwhile, some in Karnataka after apologizing in public also had to clean the streets.

Some girly roses

It’s not really a punishment but to some, it’s not a good idea at all when carrying a rose on road, especially for men. Policemen in Delhi gave each violator a rose to mark these individuals when they go out during lockdown.

Police During India Lockdown
It's a smart move by the gentlemen!

No face mask, no fuel

This punishment is to encourage people stick to wearing mask order. According to reports, Odisha government has introduced this to all petrol stations in the state. Anyone who is not wearing face mask won’t get fuel at any station.

Punishment During India Lockdown 2
If you don't wear mask, you go nowhere.

So, which punishments would you prefer if accidentally going out for non-essential stuff?

Whatever you choose, think yourself lucky because many have to face much more serious punishments for violating India lockdown order. Check more in our related posts!

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