Striking Images Show Disastrous Flood In China 2020; Is Chinese Greed Paying Karma?

Hanima Anand |Jul 13, 2020

More than 120 people went missing; $3.6 billion loss of property damage. But those statistics may not illustrate how disastrous 2020 flood in China is without these pictures below.

Heavy continuous rains have started in China since June 4, 2020, leading to a widespread flood in China southern regions and displacing lives of million residents in this country.

Flood In China 1
Floodwater level reaches the roof of a house, people swimming instead of walking.

At the beginning of July, a Chinese newspaper reported that more than 121 people had gone missing or dead due to the flood. However, this number may already double by now.

Flood In China 2
Regions downstream are most severely affected.

The flood in China 2020 is considered unprecedented during several decades, while the authorities are researching what is the reason.

Most theories are related to the massive Three Gorges Dam in the Yangtze river which is claimed to be the world’s largest power station since 2012. The dam spans for 2,334 meters while its total capacity reaches up to 39.3 km3.

Flood In China 3
Heavy rains continue to worsen the situation.

People doubt this enormous dam contributes a great part to the heavy flood in China this year. Due to the massive amount of water on the Yangtze river from early June, the Three Gorges Dam had to release the floodwaters by the end of last month, which caused the cities below the dam to suffer. Many questions have been raised around the safety of the dam but Chinese authorities always ensure that it’s not at risk of collapse.

Flood In China 4
No vehicle could pass through this flooded street.

Should the Three Gorges Dam be collapsed, flood in China 2020 would wipe out millions of houses below the Dam while causing tragedy for countless people in affected areas.

Not just the Three Gorges Dam, the construction of numerous dams for electricity generation on Chinese rivers has changed the natural flows of these water bodies. That’s why many people are now claiming the devastating flood in China 2020 is their Karma for the boundless greed. The storage of a massive amount of water in Chinese dams has caused many regions below them to experience severe drought. These farmers couldn’t cultivate crops because all water has been detained in the dams.

Flood In China 5
This was when one of Chinese dams released its water in the past.

Whatever the reason is, the flood in China this year is an alarming fact for human beings in general about the arbitrary buildings without considering the environmental impacts in the long run.

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Yesterday, a video of a frightened monkey amid the flood in China went viral on the Internet. Many people have expressed their concerns about the protection of wildlife in affected areas that are extremely vulnerable during this catastrophe.

However, the representative of the mountain park where the monkey was recorded said that the animal was totally safe. He didn’t give any information about the safety of other wild animals here though.

Some final words we would like to share, it's not Chinese Karma for their greed. It's a warning from Mother Nature who is suffering from human activities. Please be more aware of the environment whenever you start doing something. In the end, not just the nature but humans ourselves would taste the loss.

Flood In China 6
While China is building dams to store water, downstream regions suffer constant drought.

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