Never Be Fooled By These Magic Tricks Again - Secrets Unveiled!

Chandran |May 07, 2020

Our ever-wandering mind can now indulge in the answers to some of the most popular magic tricks. You can even learn some of these to show off to your friends. They're easier than you'd think.

Magic tricks are not something whose secretive nature only appeals to children. Adults sometimes reminisce about the wonderful magic tricks that they have seen as a child, too. If you are one of those ever-curious children or a nostalgic, thrill-seeking adult, this might just be the post you’ve never known you’d need.

magic tricks
Magic tricks fascinate both children and adults.

Let’s examine them with this list, which we put down in no particular order.

7. Going through the human body

Trick Description: There is a narrow box inside of which a hole was punched. A curtain discloses what is inside of it. Firstly, the magician assistant stands vertically inside of it. Then, the magician himself proceeds on by “poking through” his lady assistant’s body from the other side of the box. From the audience’s perspective, it looks like he was actually poking through the assistant body’s, head-first.

The revelation:  The box, even though it appears narrow, is still big enough to fit both the magician and the assistant’s waist. There’s only one condition and that is the assistant must thrust her hip sideways to make room for her colleague.

magic tricks 3
The box must be large enough for 2 adults to fit through.

6. Zigzag Lady

Trick Description: This trick is closely related to the more-popular illusion of “woman sawn in half”. In this trick, the assistant stays inside a vertical box while on the outside, the magician vehemently saws the box into 3 parts. However, at the end, his assistant walks out unscathed. Why is she not dead?

The revelation: This sweat-inducing trick employs several boxes and platforms made of carton. They are placed carefully on top of one another. Once the assistant made her way inside the bottom box, then she would stand on the top of a hatch. This hatch’s motion is supported by springs. It has many open ends and one is placed at the bottom. Connected to the hatch’s bottom is no other than the platform. This platform is both empty and mobilized. The next step is to shut all the boxes close. This is done simultaneously with the assistant slides down to the bottom platform and sits neatly with her legs crossed to save space. The torso that the audience sees is actually of a mannequin, not the assistant. In short, this illusion is conducted with the help of boxes, a mannequin, and the assistant’s flexibility.

Magic Tricks 1
Boxes and platforms help the illusionist deliver this trick.

5. Fish magically appears

Trick Description: The magician presents a tall glass-bottle with the lid on and water inside of it. He then proceeds to cover it with a handkerchief or napkin while mumbling some mysterious “spell”. After removing the napkin, the audience will see a fish swimming inside of the bottle. How did it get in there?

The revelation: An arc is carved just under the top of the bottle. The illusionist slides a piece of plastic in this arc. Moreover, the fish is relatively small so when it lies on the arc, no one but the illusionist can see it. Next up, as you could have guessed, the magician simply pulls out the piece of plastic. Voila, a fish is happily swimming inside of the bottle.

Magic Tricks 4
This trick might just be the easiest out of the 7.

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4. The Straitjacket

Trick Description: The magician shows up with a straitjacket whiles its sleeves are tightened behind his back. The scene is hidden behind a partition. Some time has passed, the magician, to everyone’s gasp, appears with his free hands raised high. To drum up the dramatic effect, we can sometimes see the magician hung up-side-down or blown up.

The revelation: When his assistant was tightening the jacket’s sleeves, the magician braces his two arms on the chest and inhale deeply. After exhaling, there would be enough room inside the jacket for his arms t move around. This reminds us of the great Houdini who once was willing to dislocate the bones in his shoulders in order to complete the illusion successfully.

Magic Tricks 42
The illusionist just needs to inhale deeply for this one.

3. The Head Drop

Trick Description: The illusionist purposely wears a large coat for the magic tricks. He acts nonchalantly then suddenly, his head drops to where his chest was last seen when his shoulders are still in place.

The revelation: Its secret lies within the triangular construction carefully placed within the magician’s coat. This triangular is made by attaching a hanger with wooden sticks. By doing so, the coat is held by this triangular construction while the illusionist “drops” his head. Here’s how it goes: The fake sneeze is done simultaneously with the magician bending down his head. He then carefully pulls up the sticks behind his coat, which widens the space between his head and the coat’s top part.

Magic Tricks 6
No head was severed during this trick.

2. Magic chair

Trick Description: The illusionist is seen casually sitting on a chair. Then the assistant removes it, but the illusionist stays perfectly still as if the chair is still there.

The revelation: This is possible thanks to the help of a vertical hinge (pintle). Its paint job is so immaculately done that the pitle completely blends with the background and his trousers, thus seemingly spears “invisible”. If the pintle and his foot are secure tight enough with it other, he will be able to sit still once the chair is removed. One thing to note is that the shape of the chair must be the same as the pintle.

Magic Tricks 7
Magic tricks don't always have to involve rocket science knowledge or daredevil-level stunts.

1. Invisible Wagon

Trick Description: People gather around a wagon holding each others’ hands. A massive cloth covers this wagon. 1, 2 minutes went by, the cloth is slowing raising up and voila, there’s no wagon underneath. Where did it go and how did they do it?

The revelation: As usual, there are props/stage constructions that the illusionist hid from the audience’s eye. In this magic trick, it is a secret section beneath the stage. Due to the intentional hallucination-inducing light, the audience can not see the meticulous maneuver that lowers the wagon down the stage.

Magic Tricks 9
This illusion requires a bus and many volunteers.

The above-mentioned magic tricks require different levels of maneuver and practice. However, what they all have in common is the creativity of their respective author. Want to see one of these tricks in motion? Check out this video below for the Head Drop trick and stay tuned to Starbiz for more interesting posts like this.


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