Delivery Man Comes To Ship Food, Buys Lavish Car Without A Second Thought

Salena Harshini |Mar 01, 2021

He is really something else! Arriving at the showroom to deliver the food to a customer, the shipper liked a car and signed the purchase contract without thinking too much.

Recently, the Chinese media outlets have been sent into a tizzy after a Chinese delivery man quickly bought a supercar after shipping food to a customer at a car showroom.

The published video has gone viral not only in China but also in many countries.

A delivery man or a wealthy man in disguise?

According to the news, on February 22, an employee in a car dealership in Shenzhen city (China) ordered food online. Moments later, the yellow-shirted shipper brought the food to deliver.

The Delivery Man Saw The Car
The delivery man spotted the car while delivering an order.

While waiting for payment, a luxury car at the auto show area caught the eye of the man. Immediately, the Chinese delivery man asked the employee for advice.

Meanwhile, the employee had not put his bag down when the unexpected customer called him out to ask about the car.

He Asked To Have A Look At It
He asked to have a look at it

After a while of looking and trying to have a more thorough look at the blue car, the man morphed into a rich customer. He penned down a signature and instantly bought the car.

They Let Him Take A Closer Look At The Car
They let the Chinese delivery man take a closer look at the car.

Without question, the showroom employee was willing to halt his lunch to welcome this customer “under disguise”.

The shipper who made netizens go chaotic opened up that he had been working hard for a whole year and set a sum aside. At the end of the year and Tet holiday, he took time to deliver more food to earn rewards.

The Shipper Made His Deal Instantly
The shipper sat down and made his deal instantly.

That was how he earned another 20.000 yuan, just enough for him to buy a car. When he saw that car in the showroom, he grew an instant liking for it and took it home right away.

Don't judge a book by its cover

The video from CCTV and the story became the talk of the people in the country. A lot of them emphasized that we should not judge a book by its cover in the modern-day. Meanwhile, some said that delivering food is just his side job.

Many netizens have also praised the hardworking shipper who did everything in an effort to achieve his goal.

Food Delivery Man China
The man worked hard and deserved the car that he purchased.

After the video was shared, it received a good amount of discussion from the Internet users.

- That’s a real player. He likes it, he gets it.

- Money is not the problem, he just does that work for fun!

- These days I only see the delivery men driving high-quality bikes. Should I change to this job too perhaps?

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