Facts You Never Knew About Bill Gates Annual Income On His 65th Birthday!

Hanima Anand |Oct 29, 2020

Everyone knows he led the board of richest men in the world for long before Jeff Bezos came into the spotlight, but have you ever questioned how much Bill Gates annual income is? Check interesting facts about his properties here!

If you are using a computer or laptop, you must know Bill Gates who founded Microsoft Corporation. If you pay a bit attention to the world economy, you may also know he was the richest human between 1995 and 2017. However, you may not imagine the enormous amount of Bill Gates annual income and net worth accumulated after all those years.

Today, to mark his 65th birthday on October 28, let Starbiz tell you how many decades you need to spend all Bill Gates properties!

Bill Gates Annual Income
It may take hundreds of years for an average person to spend all Bill Gates money.

Bill Gates net worth 2020

According to the latest calculation by Forbes in May 2020, Bill Gates net worth is $105.6 billion. That means the current Bill Gates net worth in rupees is up to Rs 797,000 crore or Rs 7.97 lakh crore.

Can you count how many zeros are there in the number? To help you imagine easily, let’s compare Bill Gates net worth 2020 with Mukesh Ambani’s, the richest man of India and Asia.

Bill Gates And Wife Melinda Gates
Bill and his wife are running the largest private charity foundation worldwide.

Mukesh Ambani's net worth in 2020 enjoyed a dramatic rise to Rs 6.58 lakh crore but it’s still 1 lakh crore lower than Bill Gates’. It's even estimated that an average person can spend Bill Gates net worth in four generations (equivalent to 400 years) without using it up.

Bill Gates annual income

In fact, you can’t calculate Bill Gates salary per year just based on his total net worth as Bill Gates annual income fluctuates throughout the time.

As per Business Insider reports, the latest Bill Gates annual income is $12 billion, equivalent to 88,840 crore of Indian rupees. So, only Bill Gates salary per year is 12 times higher than Shah Rukh Khan’s net worth, the richest actor in Bollywood.

Bill Gates And Jeff Bezos
Only recently was Bill Gates surpassed by Jeff Bezos (left) in the world's richest list.

Knowing his salary per year, now you might be curious how much does Bill Gates make a month? It’s a simple calculation, take his annual income divide into 12 and you get it.

On average, Bill Gates generates $1 billion per month, $33 million per day, $1.4 million per hour, $23,148 per minute and roughly $386 per second.

Bill Gates income tax

Besides Bill Gates annual income and total net worth, Bill Gates income tax is also a hot topic that everyone wants to know.

In an interview in January 2020, the tech billionaire shared that he paid over $10 billion in taxes. What made his interview famous, however, was his attitude while saying that.

Though he knew he paid more than anyone in the world for taxes, he was glad to pay, even if he had to pay $20 billion or more.

Bill Gates And Warren Buffett
Bill Gates and Warren Buffett share the same philosophy of sharing their wealth.

In fact, the $10 billion Bill Gates income tax during all those years is not a problem given his $105 billion net worth. He also doesn't mind sharing his wealth with others when running the biggest private charity foundation with his wife. It is called Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Another interesting fact is Bill Gates and Warrant Buffet, two of the richest men in the world, have founded The Giving Pledge to call for billionaires giving at least half of their net worth to philanthropy.

About Bill Gates

Bill Gates was born as William Henry Gates III on 28 October, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. Bill Gates father was an outstanding lawyer of his time while Gates’ mother worked in the board of directors for a financial holding company.

Bill Gates Father
Bill Gates and his father, Gates II, at an old event

He studied at Lakeside prep School for secondary education. Here he wrote his very first software program. During the time learning at Lakeside, Gates and his friends had a passion for coding. They even exploited bugs in the school center operating system to get free computer time.

At the age of 17, he had acquired a number of achievements in programming, making him a National Merit Scholar after graduating from Lakeside School. Bill Gates then scored 1590/ 1600 at SAT and successfully applied to Harvard College in 1973.

Bill Gates Young
Bill soon found his passion for computer science in secondary school.

Only after two years studying maths and computer science in this Ivy League school, Bill Gates dropped out. He co-founded Microsoft in November 1975 with his partner Paul Allen.

The rest of Bill Gates success story is legendary. Microsoft becomes an empire of technology, ruling the world to date though its father resigned in 2014 to become a tech adviser as well as focuses on his philanthropic activities.

Bill Gates And Paul Allen
Bill Gates and Paul Allen (right), the two co-founders of Microsoft

Bill Gates got married to Melinda Ann French in 1994. She used to work as a marketing manager, then the General Manager of Information Products at Microsoft. They met each other in 1987 and dated for 7 years before tying the knot.

Bill and Melinda have three children, including Jennifer, Phoebe and Rory Gates. They are living in Xanadu 2.0 in Medina Washington.

Bill Gates Family
Bill and Melinda teach their kids to be independent while giving away at least half of family properties.

Above are some interesting facts about Bill Gates annual income, net worth, tax and biography. Do come back Starbiz.com for more informative articles!

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