One Year After Buying Freedom With $36 Billion, Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos Hasn't Got Married With Girlfriend And This Is The Real Reason

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 13, 2020

One year after the most expensive divorce in the world, Jeff Bezos hasn't ‘settled down’ with his new girlfriend yet. So what is the point of $36B Jeff has spent to purchase his freedom? Scroll down for the details!

Apart from being the world richest billionaire since 2017, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is also in the limelight for his controversial love life. For those who live under the rock, in 2019, the owner of the biggest online retailer Amazon took the world by storm by giving 25% of his company stock, which worths approximately $36B, to his wife MacKenzie putting an end to their 25-year-marriage. The reason for their divorce was none other than the hot TV personality Lauren Sanchez.

However, one year after the most expensive divorce in the world, Jeff Bezos hasn't ‘settled down’ with his new girlfriend yet. So what is the point of $36B Jeff has spent to purchase his freedom? Scroll down for the details!

Jeff Bezos Lauren Sanchez Girlfriend And Wife Hot
Jeff Bezos spent $36B last year to get divorced with his wife MacKenzie (right) and made his relationship with Lauren Sanchez (left) official 

The richest man on earth and the affair with a 50-year-old woman

It could be easier to explain if it is a steamy and young model or actress. However, it was the 50-year-old reporter and the mother of three Lauren Sanchez who cast a spell on the richest man on earth. In fact, it took people by surprise when they made their relationship official last year. Most people agree that she was even less beautiful than his ex-wife MacKenzie. So what is the thing Jeff found in Lauren that doesn’t exist in his longtime wife?

Jeff Bezos Lauren Sanchez Girlfriend And Wife 2
Lauren Sanchez went under several plastic surgeries and is said to be less stunning than his ex-wife McKenzie

In fact, a man’s loyalty is something that doesn’t exist. Even when he has everything he wants, it’s never enough. The same case happens to the richest man on earth and it is Lauren who makes him covet. Jeff Bezos wanted her just because she was someone who was close enough to him for him to want her. 

As an actor, reporter, TV host and even entrepreneur, Sanchez is clever and appealing to a wise man like Bezos. No matter how much money he has, he still has the nature of a man which has been triggered since meeting the interesting Lauren Sanchez. 

Just like any other infidelity out there, she has something that he cannot find from his secure and flattering marriage. While Jeff Bezos has a huge passion for flying, Lauren Sanchez is also a licensed pilot. She has proven that women are able to pull off anything a man can do. She has the quality of a teasing, intriguing and charming woman who swept the richest billionaire of the planet on his knees. 

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Lauren Sanchez
Lauren Sanchez is one of a few female licensed pilot in the US. 

The changing power of love

After their relationship came into the limelight, Jeff Bezos has changed a lot. He appears to be the most romantic gentleman that every woman could die for. He is never afraid of showing his love and affection toward his girlfriend, doing things he has never done with his wife before. Lauren has awakened the nature of a man inside him and taken him to an intriguing and dynamic world of love. 

It seems like both of them are living the lives they desired. One of Lauren’s friends disclosed that they were happy to live together, without worrying about anyone or anything. ‘It could be imperfect but they’ve never sought for perfection,’ said the source.

Jeff Bezos Lauren Sanchez Girlfriend And Wife 5
The pair has been spotting hands in hands on several occasions, talking about each other with love and affections

Last year, Jeff Bezos threw an enormous birthday party for his girlfriend, inviting top celebrities like Katy Perry, Timothée Chalamet and Orlando Bloom. At the end of last year, Sanches was clicked with a big diamond ring on her finger, stating that they got engaged. It seemed like the pair had taken their relationship to the next level. However, Bezos has never mentioned about a wedding in the near future.

Jeff Bezos Lauren Sanchez Girlfriend And Wife 6
The pair is likely to get engaged as Lauren Sanches has been spotted wearing a giant diamond ring

Is the wedding a must to a serious relationship?

Is Bezos being drunk in love with his hot girlfriend but doesn’t plan for walking the aisle with her? Or the relationship which rooted from infidelity cannot have a happy ending? There is nothing clear now and we, as the outsiders, cannot predict anything as all we know is only the tip of an iceberg. The only thing that we can be sure of is Bezos is absolutely happy with his relationship.

Jeff Bezos Lauren Sanchez Girlfriend And Wife 4
Jeff Bezos is enjoying his lavish life with his girlfriend whether it will be a wedding or not

Obviously, Jeff Bezos is not a fool, both in terms of love and business. Even when Lauren was said to date him just because of his money, not everyone knows that men are willing to pay for anything they want, including women. As an entrepreneur, Jeff Bezos makes sure that he can benefit from every deal he invests in. In this case, his benefit is having a good time, romantic moments and enjoying the lavish life with his girlfriend. 

After all, a wedding might not be everything as no one can be sure if their marriage can last forever. Just like Jeff’s and his ex-wife who lived together for 20 years but split away at the end. If he’s not serious about the relationship with Lauren Sanchez, he would not spend the whopping $36 billion for being with her.

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What do you think about the relationship between Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez? Will the pair eventually tie the know or Jeff to move on her just like the way he moves on his long time wife? Leave your opinions on the comment section below.

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