Giving Up Barber Job, This Model Earns Rs 44 Lakh A Week By Posting Sultry Photos

Salena Harshini |Jul 27, 2020

This barber turn model can earn INR 44 lakh in one week by selling and posting her sexy pictures. Check out!

Juanita Contreras Vargas used to be a barber, earning her living by cutting hair until her life witnessed a surprising turn.

She left her former job to pursue a totally different career, an X-rated model.

Juanita 6
She was a barber before turning a model

Her looks have gained her 1.7 million followers on her Instagram account. What gives credit to this is how she regularly uploads steamy photos on social media.

Male fans even shower the barber turn model with presents and offer to pay her bills. She has also been raking in cash from subscribers on OnlyFans.

The Los Angeles-hailed influencer estimates that she gains about £47,000 (INR 44 lakh) one week from this brand new venture.

The barber turn model usually posts pictures like this on her Instagram

Talking about barbering, she reminisced that one day, her mother yelled at her younger brother for not getting a haircut so she just took some scissors and chopped her brother’s hair off.

It was extremely uneven as he had two bald spots, which made other students at school make fun of him a lot. So Juanita just used some beard trimmers and did her best to fix his hair.

It eventually turned out to be decent although she did not even know how to utilize a clipper. That was when she realized that she likes cutting hair and then enrolled in a school to learn and get her license.

Juanita 3
Although the barber job came like destiny...
Juanita 2
... she still gave it up after taking up modeling

Well, she was thrilled to discover the “hidden talent”. However, barbering slowly became the second priority after she took up modeling.

The sultry bombshell explained,

“Being a model online does make me look at life a different way.”

She still curs hair sometimes, but it is not her priority any longer
106109112 2629562033977411 3862937862866947469 N
Provocative pictures of Juanita that will make your nose bleed

Now she knows that doing an hourly paid job and having to work as per the rules does not suit her at all.

As she has always been a boss, an independent type of person, like she said, working as a model on Instagram gives her more freedom as well as other perks.

Juanita Contreras Vargas also enjoys connects with fans who deluge her with gifts. She shared that they always send her a lot of chocolates, teddy bears, and roses.

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Juanita 7
She enjoys being the sexy muse of her fans

A guy even paid her car bill even though she told him that he did not have to. The guy kept insisting it through her DMs, saying he could not resist how pretty she was.

Well, this barber turn model definitely is having the time of her life after the job changing.

Check out more sexy photos of the model:

Juanita 4
Juanita Contreras Vargas in bikini
Juanita 9
And another pose on bed
96260223 2623139384679398 7843706934619000059 N
You can find her on @juanita_jcv

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