April Fools Day 2020: No Google April Fools' Joke This Year And This Is Serious!

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 01, 2020

According to the company’s marketing chief Lorraine Twohill, Google decided to save its April Fool pranks tradition this year to focus on its mission of helping people amid the glooming health crisis.  

Google, the giant search engine which is well-known for its April 1 pranks tradition has announced that the company will not celebrate the April Fool day this year 2020 due to the coronavirus virus which is spreading all over the world. According to the company’s marketing chief Lorraine Twohill, decided to save Google April Fools' Joke tradition this year to focus on its mission of helping people amid the glooming health crisis.  

Google Coronavirus April Fools
Google decided to skip its April Fools' Joke this year to deal with the global health crisis

Meanwhile, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has urged its employees to join hands with the community to prevent the spread of coronavirus. In addition to that, the search giant also increased the annual employee donation to $10,000 (Rs crore) per employee. At the moment, most Google staff are working from home to avoid the spread of coronavirus. 

Top 5 Funniest Google April Fools' Jokes

For those who live under the rock, Google has experimented with April Fools jokes since 2000 and it’s become one of its signature traditions. Check out 5 of the funniest Google April Fool pranks over two decades.

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April Fools Joke Google
Google changed its name into Topeka on April 2010

1. Google April Fools' Joke 2010: Topeka

Google made an epic joke in 2010 by announcing that the company will change its name into Topeka. This happened after the company acquired the real Topeka one month in advance. The search giant made it a serious joke when changing the logo on their homepage as Topeka.

April Fools Joke Google 2
Google's Toilet Internet Service Provider

2. Google April Fools' Joke 2007: TiSP

Before launching the real Google broadband, the company made it an April jokes in 2007 with its Toilet Internet Service Provider (TiSP) which included a wifi-capable PC and a toilet that is connected to the sewage system. You will need to flush the toilet to activate the internet connection. 

April Fools Joke Google 4
Google Gmailpaper

3. Google April Fools' Joke: Gmail Paper

Another google April fool joke that took the internet by storm in 2007 is the Gmail Paper prank which was said to provide users with the hardcopy versions of every mail they want. It was so convincing because the cost of postage was sponsored by advertisements printed on the back of the Gmail paper.

April Fools Joke Google 3
Google revealed íts biggest technology secret that is pigeons

4. Google April Fools' Joke: Pigeon Rank

In 2002, Google came out to disclose the hidden technology secret behind the world's biggest search engine was the so-called PigeonRank. According to the source, Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page developed the system while being students at Stanford. It also added that Google ran its PigeonRank as the basis providers of all the web search tools. 

April Fools Joke Google 5
MentalPlex might be a joke but who knows it can be the future of Internet searching engine somedays

5. Google April Fools' Joke 2000: MentalPlex

On April 1, 2000, Google presented an innovative searching tool that allowed users to search by brainwave. All they need to do is stay focus on a swirling loop while imagining what you want to search and wait for MentalPlex to do the rest part. However, it turned out to be one of the first April Fool pranks that the search giant came up with.

According to Google founder Larry Page, MentalPlex is the 'quantum leap' of Internet searching in the new century and typing in the 1999 way was so outdated. 

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