Amateur Cyclist Fell Into Cactus Bush, Just Watching The Video Leaves You In Deep Agony

Hanima Anand |Nov 12, 2020

This might not be the most serious bike crash of this amateur cyclist but surely the most excruciating moments in his life. Check the hilarious but painful video!

Diego Moreno, an amateur cyclist, was enjoying his ride in the City Park of Buenos Aires, Argentina when he fell off his bike and fell onto a cactus bush along the road.

Cyclist Fell Onto Cactus Bush
He had a not-so-lucky day.

As seen in the video, thousands of cactus spikes were stuck to Moreno’s clothes while many thorns embedded in his body. Moreno could only move slowly while one of his shoes was lost. Some passersby help to remove spikes from the unfortunate cyclist, but even when they did it, they were scared to hurt him more.

After getting rid of all the cactus, Moreno was rushed to the hospital for further medical help.

The amateur cyclist recalled the horrible accident as:

"We were going with three more cyclists, I was last in line. I didn't see a small crater in the asphalt and I hit the pothole.

"Thank god I was wearing glasses and a helmet and I didn't injure my face or head. Because the way the spines got embedded in me, it could have blinded me."

Cyclist And Cactus 1
This is to let you know Moreno isn't the trailblazer in this field.

After the video was uploaded on social media, most people didn’t dare to watch till the end. They felt as if they were the ones to be hit by thorns. A Youtube user even joked Moreno’s photo was an apt summary of this year 2020.

Well, couldn’t agree more. This year we were hit hard by countless natural disasters and an unprecedented pandemic. However, we find ourselves lucky as we were not in the case of Moreno in this incident.

Cyclist And Cactus 2
This female cyclist also had a similar experience, with fewer spikes.
Cyclist And Cactus 3
What about this guy who is falling into the cactus bush without any clothes on?

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