American Woman Killed By Tinder Partner, A Warning For Those Finding Love On Dating Apps

Leela Adwani |May 26, 2020

The local police report that Hunsaker used Tinder to meet Black just a few hours before he killed her.

It’s not far off the mark to say using Tinder is currently all the rage among millennials. The online dating application that allows its users to swipe to like or dislike someone anonymously based on their bio, photos, and common interests is a new platform helping people connect and mainly find lovers on the Internet. A lot of people have found their destiny on Tinder, some could find their soul mates, some made new friends. However, little do we think that we will be murdered by people we met on this platform.

Tinder 2
Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps currently

Recently, a man named Ethan Hunsaker (24) has been arrested on Sunday morning and charged with the murder of a woman he met on the dating app Tinder. The news is currently taking the Internet on fire and inviting the wrath from the netizens and other Tinder users. According to reports, the victim named Ashlyn Black was 25 years old and residing in Layton, Utah.

The murderer

The local police report that Hunsaker used Tinder to meet Black just a few hours before he killed her. He later called the police and reported that he had a person in his house located on North Reid Avenue. When police reached his residence, they found the young woman lying on the floor with several stab wounds and a knife near her dead body.

In the press release, the police department’s respective said,

‘The motive behind this homicide is under further investigation, however, the attack appears to have been unprovoked.”

As per ABC 4, Ethan Hunsaker will be booked into jail with first-degree felony murder. The investigation is still being carried out and police are giving extra mile to search for more pieces of evidence about this incident. They are asking more people related to having more additional information.

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