A Return Of Chupacabra! 50 Alpacas Left Dead, Blood Drained Overnight Without A Trace In Chile

Hanima Anand |Feb 04, 2021

The mysterious creepy incident is leaving confusion for authorities and panic among farmers in Chile. All the dead livestock were drained of blood with two holes left on their bodies.

Since November 2020, farmers at the border of Chile-Bolivia have recorded 50 deaths of baby llamas and alpacas but couldn’t identify the cause behind the mysterious incident.

Livestock killed, drained of blood overnight

According to cattle ranchers in Central Citani, Chile, there was a blood-sucking animal that targetted the baby llamas and alpacas at night. The livestock were left dead and blood drained without any trace in the morning.

Baby Alpaca Dead In Chile
There's no trace after the baby cattles were left dead in the morning.

At first, farmers here thought someone had killed the cattle for conflicts with peple in the ranches. However, when the number of killings kept increasing, the community believed no one could have such evil. They started discussing the return of a mythical creature Chupacabra, a blood-sucking evil that was mentioned in a bad omen back in 1990s.

Expert Studying Dead Cattle In Chile
Experts have come to investigate the deaths but there's no result yet.

Mr Choque, a farmer in Central Citani, said that:

"At first when two or three deaths appeared, we thought it was someone. But when more began to appear, we said how someone is going to be killing the young if it does not suit anyone. No one could have such evil. And the deaths went on and on."

What is Chupacabra?

Chupacabra is an ancient mythological creature that resembles zombie. It feeds on the blood of cattle, particularly goats. Its name includes Chupar-to suck and Cabras-goats in Spanish language.

Chupacabra Drawing
A modern drawing of Chupacabra based on common descriptions.

Though the legendary creature had been described in the American folklore for a long time, it’s not until 1995 that the first purported sighting of Chupacabras was recorded.

However, descriptions of this blood-sucking evil vary from regions to regions. Some said it’s a heavy animal with a row of spines from neck to tail. Areas that have Chupacabra sightings are Puerto Rico, USA, Chile, Russia and the Philippines.

Chupacabra Caught On Camera In Carolina
The alleged Chupacabra caught on camera in California but not verified.

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