58-Year-Old Grandma Makes Her Own Costumes For Her Cool Cosplays

Salena Harshini |Mar 12, 2021

She makes retirement look fun. Really, because her collection of cosplay works can amaze anyone in the world.

Retirement may turn quite dull for some senior citizens as there is not a lot to do. However, Marina Badianova makes it different. The 58-year-old woman from St. Petersburg is very avid in making her own cosplays with the aid of some talented photographers.

Marina Badianova 4
Marina Badianova is making headlines for her baddie cosplays.

As of now, she has created dozens of costumes in various themes. From steampunk, folklore, fairy tales, to history, they are not even all of her outfits that have been tested.

Her collection is awe-striking

It began when Marina Badianova picked out clothes for her daughter for a pic session. She did enjoy the process which made her start dressing up for similar occasions.

Marina Badianova 3
She can go from a queen in the Renaissance era.

The stylish woman went home in boho clothes and a youthful photographer approached her and asked for a picture of Marina. She was terrified and excited at the same time.

Since then, she decided to do some experience and enjoyed the outcome. She went to more photo sessions and made herself viral.

Marina Badianova 15
And transforms into a Dutch lady and looks fresh.

Since 2015, she has dived deep into the hobby. For the last six years, she has been an empress, a pirate, a witch, a duchess, a steampunk lady, and more.

Marina Badianova
A vampire would be scared of this hunter.

For the unknown, she is a former student of Yulia Sobolevskaya's "International Center for Cinema Professions" film school. And she displays quite a talent for it. She does the prop and making costumes herself. She not only sews but also teaches others without any charge.

Marina Badianova 8
Her collection of cosplays include vast themes.

Marina Badianova sources her materials from flea markets and second-hand stores. She usually goes to Udelnaya, her favorite market where she affirms you can seek any treasure for a penny.

Marina Badianova 17
The 58-year-old Russian woman gets into the skin of a witch.
Marina Badianova 7
Harry Potter vibe is immense here.

Cosplaying changed her life

Moreover, the lady has made new friends in the community of cosplay. She said that young cosplayers have brought positive energy into her life while also give her tips about posing and more stuff.

Marina Badianova 10
She also looks like she belongs to the Pirates of the Caribbean cast.
Marina Badianova 2
Who would think she is a woman who is near her 60s?

Marina is happy that doing this gives her an opportunity to blend in with people who appreciate her work. Thanks to the cosplays, she even earned a minor part in a historical drama.

She played a flower woman with  a flower basket by her. She immensely enjoyed the experience.

Marina Badianova 13
The lady can also transform into a character in Narnia here.
Marina Badianova 12
Her cosplay works can make any burst out laughing at some point.

In short, she has shown that life is not over when one’s at their retirement age. Marina Badianova is an example that joy can come at any stage of life.

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