Mom Assumed To Have Kids From Different Fathers Because Her Children Have Different Skin Tones

Salena Harshini |Mar 09, 2021

The rainbow family has seven kids with different skin tones which makes people wonder whether they have different dads. See the truth!

Tess and her husband Chris attract the talk of the town with their special family. They call themselves a “rainbow family” as all of their kids are of different colors.

For the unknown, Tess admitted that people usually ask her if the children have the same father. Some often assume that the mother claims benefits, but she doesn’t.

Rainbow Family
The rainbow family is famous for their kids' different color tones.

The origin of the rainbow family

Chris and Tess had already been happy with five kids. Jacob, Savannah, Amiah, Zion, and Nevaeh are now respectively 14, 12, 11, 9, and 5 years old.

However, while the husband was waiting to have a vasectomy, the wife got pregnant again. This time, they have a set of twins Hezekiah and Levi who are now three years old.

The mother-of-seven said that their daily life may be hectic but she has a way to cope with it. Having so many children, being organized and dividing the household chores help big time.

Rainbow Family 2
The kids really love each other.

She spends 19 hours each day taking care of her massive clan consisting of going through six loads of washing every day. She also uses a nine-seat minibus to transport her tribe. Sometimes, she does everything while can only sleep for five hours a night.

She said,

"I always get asked how I cope, but I just do.

I do the main housework, but the kids have chores to do every day. I feel it’s a valuable life lesson learning to do chores and it’s important they all chip in and help.

“I’d never put too much responsibility on them as they are children but it’s good for them to help out and have small responsibilities.”

Giddling Family Parents
Tess and Chris Giddling have been married for many years.

What remarkable is all of the kids have dispersed skin tones. That is why she is often questioned whether they have the same father.

She is used to receiving questions about their kids

However, Tess said she has no problem with it now. She said that the fact her kids look totally different is amazing.

She gets asked whether they all belong to her husband which made her laugh as they are complete all his.

Rainbow Family Twins
The twins look quite different from their siblings although they have the same parents.

 “People often assume we must rake in loads of benefits because we have so many kids but that’s not the case. Both myself and Chris work, and we support ourselves.”

Also, Tess often shares a peek into the life of a family with nine members on her Instagram account. She shared that every day of her life now is packed with mum duties. It is extremely challenging, especially when they have twins running everywhere.

Rainbow Family 3
All of the kids are Chris's children, a solid confirmation for those who asked.

 “My day starts at 6 am and is full of washing, tidying and home-schooling at the moment. It is impossible to replicate any type of school environment with such a busy household, but we are doing the best we can.

“It is hard to stick to a strict routine when with them all being off school but it’s important to have a structured day because it helps kids thrive.”

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