The Top Three Features of Reputable Betting Sites in India

HuongDTM |Mar 18, 2022

Let’s see some of the key features that can be your proof of the trustworthiness of particular online betting platforms.    

The digital world we’re all enjoying nowadays offers numerous conveniences. We can pay our bills online, talk to close friends and family via our smartphones, and enjoy playing online games from any place and at any time. Moreover, we can place bets online at reputable betting sites, like the ones here at for all Indian residents.

As the fan base of those interested in sports is growing daily, regardless of whether you’re a resident of India or another country, the interest in sports betting platforms is also growing. Unfortunately, not all betting sites are trustworthy and reputable, so you should always check whether the one you want to place your bet on is. Let’s see some of the key features that can be your proof of the trustworthiness of particular online betting platforms.    

List of the features each reputable online betting platform should have  

Here are the three key features that you should look for in each online betting platform if you want to ensure it’s reputable: 

  1. Making deposits/withdrawals through e-wallets 

If you wish to stay on the safe side from potential data breaches, data theft, or data abuse, you need to ensure that the betting platform you’re placing your bet on offers financial transactions through an e-wallet. E-wallets are secured with safety protocols and can provide the safest possible money transfers online. Moreover, if you try to place your bet through a conventional bank, you’ll find that most banks don’t approve deposits or withdrawals through e-banking. Therefore, the first feature you should look for in an online betting platform is an e-wallet like PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller. 

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2. Regulations and a license in place

The second feature of reputable betting platforms is a license and regulations. They are your primary proof that betting on that platform/website is legal. Also, a permit and regulations prove that the betting website/platform has met all the standards and background checks that classify it as trustworthy, reputable, and reliable.  

3. Betting promotions and free bets

The third feature of reputable betting sites is an option to bet for free once you register for that website and claim promotions before you become a betting professional. Only top-rated betting platforms offer free bets and promotions, so you should always look for them. If you can’t find them upon your registration, you should look for another betting platform. 

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