Profile Of Abena Appiah: The African-Rooted Miss Grand International 2020

Salena Harshini |Mar 30, 2021

Miss Grand International 2020 crown (MGI 2020) has found its owner, which is African-American beauty Abena Appiah.

Miss Grand International (MGI 2020) has just been held in Bangkok, Thailand, with the participation of 63 beauties from many countries around the world. Through many rounds of competitions, the Miss title this year called Miss Grand America Abena Appiah.

Abena Appiah 1
Abena overcame many formidable opponents to crown Miss Grand International 2020.

She is the representative of the United States and the first African native to achieve the title of Miss of the pageant. Immediately, information about the new Queen of the world was highly sought after by the global audience.

Impressive background of Miss Grand International 2020 winner

Abena was born on June 2, 1993, in Accra, Ghana. She is an African-American fashion designer, model, and philanthropist.

She is studying at Radford University, majoring in Fashion and Design. Radford University is a public school with a relatively high rate of competition in the US. Out of 100 students applying to the school, only 75% of students are eligible for admission.

Abena Appiah
The moment Abena burst into tears when she claimed the prestigious crown from the former Miss Grand.

Apart from that, the overall GPA of this school's students is always at 3.3/4.0 - the dream level of many university students.

Not only a model but Abena is also a singer and song composer. In addition to this, she also has her debut single titled AM THAT GIRL and is labeled under entertainment company Paradise Entertainment.

Abena Appiah 2
The hair and the skin are the most prominent and charming feature of the African-rooted girl.

Notably, Abena Appiah has been diligently participating in beauty contests. She started her career by winning Top Model Ghana and representing Ghana in the 2013 World Top Model.

Next up, she was crowned Miss Universe Ghana 2014 and represented the country in Miss Universe World 2014. However, it was a pity that she could not win the award.

Abena Appiah 4
In the meantime, she is very avid in sharing updates on her social media accounts.

That is not the end. Abena was a representative of New York State in Miss World America 2017. Having achieved many achievements in lots of beauty contests, she has accumulated a lot of experience and excelled at reaching the highest position of Miss. Grand International 2020.

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Breathtaking, witty beauty of the new beauty queen

In addition to education, the new Miss's appearance also makes the audience’s eyes pop. In real life, Abena is a charming and confident girl with healthy brown skin.

Abena Appiah 6
As a matter of fact, her gaze can make any fan fall for her.
Miss Grand International 2020 1
Obviously, her stunning has received many compliments from judges and fans.
Abena Appiah 5
Abena Appiah at the Miss Grand International 2020 contest.
Abena Appiah 3
The perfect body and face ratio is the golden key to help Miss Grand America go far in beauty contests from big to small ones.

Meanwhile, the African-American beauty has thick lips, a sharp face, and a fiery body with ideal measures.

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