12 PUBG Mobile Cheats Sellers Arrested In China, Unveiling $15m Business

Hanima Anand |Jun 15, 2020

Twelve people have been arrested in China for selling PUBG Mobile cheats codes to players of Peacekeeper Elite, the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile game by Tencent.

With the growing number of gamers all around the world comes more gaming related businesses. One of the most lucrative emerging start-ups in this industry is selling cheats or game hack codes. Recently, a group of 12 people have been arrested in China for selling PUBG Mobile cheats for Peacekeeper Elite players in this country.

Pubg Mobile Cheats Sellers Arrested 1
PUBG Mobile users are no stranger to cheats or hack codes online.

As you may not know, Peacekeeper Elite is the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile games which has removed all violence as well as integrate patriotic elements to satisfy Chinese strict censorship.

Peacekeeper Elite attracts a huge number of gamers across this most populated country in the world when bringing $232 million of revenue with PUBG Mobile for Tencent in March, 2020 in total.

According to police, these PUBG Mobile cheats sellers bought hack codes from an unknown source from overseas with bitcoin, then distributing the cheats to domestic players of Peacekeeper Elite. The two platforms share identical features so they can apply the same cheats.

Pubg Mobile Cheats Sellers Arrested 2
Peacekeeper is a less violent but more patriotic version of PUBG Mobile.

These PUBG Mobile cheats are reported to grant players special abilities. For example, they can see where other players are in the game then set auto-aiming to destroy the enemies.

A more shocking revelation related to this is the estimated value of this illegal business, $15 million!

Till now, the authority is still contemplating over the punishment for this cheat seller group but several-year sentence and a huge financial penalty should be expected.

Pubg Mobile Cheats Sellers Arrested 3
The dynamic gaming market in China is attractive to cheat sellers of all titles.

Two years ago, a similar crime was busted with 2 men sentenced for one year and fined nearly $3,000 for creating hacks for the game Honor of Kings.

Should you intend to use PUBG Mobile cheats or hack codes, be careful. Not only may it land you into troubles with authorities, but it may also make you lose your credentials while others figure it out.

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