Yashika's Mom Files Complaint Against Daughter's Boyfriend, Accuses Him Of Murdering Her

Maanyata Thu |Feb 20, 2019

Days after Tamil actress Yashika passed away, her mother has filed a complaint against her daughter's boyfriend accusing him of murder.

Tamil star Yashika was earlier found dead at her house in Chennai. While some reports said that the actress committed suicide by hanging herself, her mom Esther Beulah Rani accused her boyfriend Aravind of murder by filing one official complaint with Commissioner of Police.


In the official complaint, Esther Beulah Rani has stated that her daughter did not kill herself but was murdered by her boyfriend. Besides, she insisted that the handwritten note, discovered by the police, was not written by her daughter.

Yashika’s mother further added that fifty gold souvenirs were found missing from her house. Therefore, she is suspicious of her boyfriend Aravind for murdering her daughter to take all the gold souvenirs. She also said that the entire suicide of her daughter was all staged and Arvind did this with the help of his friends. Yashika’s mother alleged that Ajith, a friend of Aravind, had forced her to sign and agree to burn Yashika’s body. She said,

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According to the reports, Yashika’s mother disclosed that the actress was pregnant with Aravind’s child and was even forced to abort the child three days before she was murdered.

Yashika’s real name was Mary Sheela Jebarani, and she came from Tiruppur. She had done several small roles in popular TV series and a small role in Mannar Vagaiyara.

Yashika’s body was found hanging at her house in Chennai. It was reported that the actress was in a relationship with Aravind and they rented a house in GKM Colony in Chennai. However, the two recently had big quarrels due to their different opinions, and Aravind left the house. Yashika wrote her mom a message before committing suicide in which she blamed her boyfriend for her condition. She wrote,

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Based on one diary and other proofs in the room where Yashika’s body was found, the police has arrested her boyfriend Aravind and remanded him to custody.


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